When you’re spent

I admit, figuring out what was wrong with the blog shouldn’t have taken me that long to figure out. Logic would tell me1 that I should have checked the .htaccess file first. But for some reason, I was just certain that it had to be something more complicated.

I think it has a lot to do with this growing to-do list2 that seems to be overwhelming me more than helping me right now. This holiday season is mapping to be a very stressful one and I have no one to blame but myself. But I don’t blame myself. I’ve chose projects like making my own Halloween costume, planning a birthday dinner, making a lot of craft gifts for Christmas and going to Dublin for New Year’s because I’m trying to save money and because I want to be in his arms sooner rather than later3.

While I’m glad to have friends who will invite me over for dinner, or even just to chill at their place… I have so much to do that sometimes I prefer to just stay home. Of course when I’m home instead of doing all the things I need to do I sit and tweet, forum and blog surf instead.

I thought that I would have a more set routine by now, having been at my current job for a little over 3 months but I don’t. I suppose that’s partly due to the fact that my friends and I don’t have a set schedule for seeing each other either. I used to think that I was good at taking things as they come, but after leaving school I realised that I require a routine before I can take things as they come4.

I don’t have much point to this post, other than to ramble on and provide excuses as to why its taken me more than a week to completely fix the blog5. But also, I did want to just vent a little bit. My brain is a mishmash of thoughts and I needed somewhere to put these ones.

Are you tired? Or is it just me?

  1. being someone who has some knowledge of code[]
  2. which by the way I haven’t updated in a while[]
  3. respectively[]
  4. if that makes any sense to you at all, you’re a rockstar[]
  5. some images are still broken, sorry Trench[]

responses to “When you’re spent” 14

  1. Thanks for the support everyone! Its always nice to know that you’re not alone when you feel like giving up.

    And its also always nice to know that you were missed 🙂

    @Lyndi: I really do. I’m counting down the days until I can leave for Ireland (I leave on Boxing day).

    @Linc: OMG, stop making me jealous!

    @April: I can’t wait for your new blog!!

  2. Hey girl. It’s me April. I just wanted to let you know I’ll be blogging again soon. Tomorrow I’ll be buying a new domain. I’ll let you know when it comes to fruition.

    In the meantime, don’t be so HARD on yourself. You’re only HUMAN. 😉

    Aprils latest..Stupid Association Board

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