Whether you like it or not, the season is upon us.

The season where we give everyone what they wish for, and the season everyone asks us what we wish for as well. To make it easier for my family, in previous years I tend to create the wishlist myself but this year I decided to try out Wishlistr.

I used to get annoyed when I would see something onilne that I’d like to buy at a later date and the website selling it doesn’t offer a wishlist. I’ve created many accounts just so I could add things to my wishlist, but now I don’t have to!

And to top it all off, they provide excellent customer service! I ran into some problems signing in after I created my account, so I emailed their support and got quick, courteous responses. I was so impressed to get such wonderful service from a free service.

You may have noticed that I added a wishlist page a few days ago1, this is my wishlist from wishlistr! I googled a way to display my rss feed from wishlistr on a page and ta-da! I only wish there was a way to include images with my wishlist, to make it a little more aesthetically appealing2. To emphasize just how nice it is when there are images accompanying text, I stole this screenshot of the website from Web 2.0 Directory: eConsultant:

Do you have a wishlist?

  1. or not, its ok if you didn’t I still like you[]
  2. also to provide people with a visual aide without having to click every single link[]

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  1. @Erica: That’s great news!! haha if someone bakes in the Blonde family I expect some cake! lol

    @trench: Yay!! Glad you like it. Add your wishlist to your blog too!!

  2. @trench: lol tell me about it – I have so much more to add to mine, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

    @Penny: Let me know how you find it! It’s pretty much like a bookmarking site like de.li.cious but slightly different LOL

  3. Oooh sounds like a good idea. I made a wishlist on Amazon before, but was very disappointed when I logged in and it told me which items had been bought! 🙁 Anyway I may just try this one out!

    mspennylanes latest..My Style

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