Why don’t I feel better?

He called today. *beam*

I went to the Terry Fox Run Volunteer party last night that Four Season’s held for us. I was also supposed to go to Hey Lucy Cafe to meet up with my good friend Kristin for $3 Martinis afterwards. She was going there for Jenny*’s birthday. Jenny’s an acquantaince of mine, so I wasn’t really invited to her birthday celebration and generally I don’t get invited to their group’s shindigs. Kris being the sweetheart that she is, invited me to go anyways. I told her I wouldn’t want to intrude and she said that I wouldn’t be but, you know… I would’ve still felt awkward. Anyway, I ended up going there with Jonathan, Megan, Elizabeth, Ninja and Ryan from the Terry Fox Run party. It was loads of fun! Jonathan’s always a blast and Elizabeth and Ninja are only adorable. Megan, I’ve known for a couple of years now and she was on her phone most of the night. Ryan reminds me a lot of this other guy Ryan that I used to work with at the Restaurant. Such a character and extremely charming… we hit it off quite well and talked the entire time we were there.

When we were leaving, I went over to Jenny and the group because I wanted to give Jenny a drink that I bought for her, but she had left. So I left it with Kristin. She seemed mad that I hadn’t gone over sooner, but I didn’t know where she was. When I first saw Jenny that night, she had told me that Kristin was upstairs with Justin. And when I got the chance I’d gone up to look for her but she wasn’t there.. and I had been sitting at the bar the entire time and I didn’t see her pass by (to get to the back where their group was sitting) and since I was with other company I didn’t want to spend more time looking for her.

Why am I bothered by this so much? Girl friends are hard to come by for me. And Kristin is one of those rare girls that I’ve been able to get along great with. I don’t want to lose it. And I’m worried that if I’ve upset her that she won’t like me anymore. I know it sounds so elementary… I mean I’m sure she’s not going to start hating me or something. But I still don’t like making mistakes like that.

She’s gone home (up north) tonight and I think is back tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get to talk to her then.

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  1. Hey! I’m doing quite well… mostly focusing on school at the moment. I’ve just recently quit my current job… and gotten a new one, but I dunno.. I guess I have good time management skills. But possibly it’s also the lack of desire to get really high grades. I mean I’ve promised someone that I’d get two A’s this semester… but that’s about all the academic ambition I can muster LOL.

    Haven’t gotten my iPOD Nano yet… hope to get it either Monday or Tuesday!! YAY!

  2. I can finally comment now! I wasn’t sure how to register w/ WordPress hence the lack of comments from me.

    Anyway… how are you doing? How is your new Ipod Nano? Is it worth all the hype? If so, I need to get myself one ASAP!

    I don’t know how you do it, but how’s your busy schedule going? I think you need to teach me some time management skills b/c anyone who can juggle 7 courses and a part-time job must have serious organizational skills! 🙂

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