Winter storm + No work = jumping on the blog-wagon

I did have to leave Taken from the bottom of the doorway It really is too bad it’s been such a crap day outside. I didn’t have grand plans, but I had some errands to run like post his Valentine’s day package. But, due to the snow storm that is said to grace us with it’s presence all day. I have been at home and alternating between preparing dinner for my family tonight (more later) and jumping on the entrecard bandwagon. So far, I have no qualms about it though I’ve come across a few users who aren’t very happy. But I’ve taken their complaints with a grain of salt Windy for sale signas My sad face in the snowI don’t really care too much about the traffic it can bring me. I was just looking for more interesting blogs to read. I used to have a good solid 15-20 blogs I used to read, but as the years have gone on (and because I haven’t kept up the search for good reading) the blogs I informally subscribed to started and the sites I now have on my favourites list are slowly dwindling down to the ‘occasionally updated’ section of my blogroll.

What is entrecard? It’s your business card on the internet, except it isn’t being taken as seriously by some people. And how can it when some people’s blogs are more like mine (personal journalling)? But anyway, it’s still a neat way to network. Already I’ve found some sites I know I will visit on a daily basis (even though they’re currently not in my ‘daily reads’ section of my blogroll. Some examples: Five Blondes, Tyler Cruz, Jake, Scarlet Words, and Matt Cutts.

And of course, I have to mention Chris, because if it weren’t for him joining and for being such a loyal (net)friend I never would have even considered joining! By the way Chris, can you leave me your profile link on entrecard so I can add you to my favourites? I had a hard time finding you!