With a vengeance

Before I went to Winnipeg for B&A’s Wedding last year, the last trip I was able to take by myself was to Mexico to visit a very dear, old friend of mine who at the time was living on a tiny Island called Holbox, off the Yucatan Peninsula. That was in 2009. I was able to go on road trips with my family, and while we had a wonderful time in NYC and Chicago the years that we went – I’m sure I don’t need to explain why the trips just weren’t the same.

This year, as soon as I could, I bought VIA rail tickets to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to visit another dear, old friend who I hadn’t seen in a very long time. She grew up in a small town just outside Ottawa, and was living in Toronto when I met her; she moved back to Ottawa some 10 years ago1, and I was able to visit her often-ish when she first moved but slowly yet surely I found myself lacking the funds and the means to make it out. I’m so glad I chose this trip as one of the first trips now that I can afford to. We’ve always had one of those friendships where we didn’t need to talk everyday to know that we loved each other; and can happily share comfortable silences together as I blog while she catches up on social media2. I digress…

I want more, and I’m finding myself mentally mapping out where all my friends live so I can visit them. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Australia, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Mexico, San Francisco, New York, Georgia… I know I can’t visit all of them this year but I do hope I get to do it before I turn 40. That would be really nice. That list isn’t in any order of priority either. If I have the opportunity to go to any of them, I will take it in a heartbeat. While I love living in Toronto, I have often toyed with the idea of moving again. I wouldn’t go back to Dublin3, but I think I would want to live somewhere in Europe. Their way of living simply appeals to me4.

While out for a late night snack with said friend in Ottawa last night, she asked me to imagine a dinner party that I could host anywhere in the world, and invite any five people I wanted; I was to describe the meal, the setting… everything… and I’m a little ashamed to admit that at first I had a hard time imagining things. I pushed through and even though I answered her questions, she ended up having to cut me slack because I simply couldn’t get there. What I’m getting at is that I hope my ability to dream bigger comes back too. I used to have a vivid imagination for the things I wanted, and somewhere along the way I lost that. Heck, I used to write stories.

I don’t think that any of the heartbreak or bad relationships in the last few years are to blame, though it would have been easy to; I think the lack of travel in my life has forced my dreaming muscles in hibernation. I hope I can revive them this year, and get my imagination back. My subconscious has already started dreaming up amazing stories where Ryan Higa used his amazing comedic, and magical talents to surprise me with a proposal so I’ve got to be doing something right… right?!

What keeps you dreaming?

  1. give or take a year or two[]
  2. while cuddling with her adorable dog[]
  3. where I lived for 1.5 years[]
  4. more on that later[]

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