100 random things about fragileheart – Part 2 of 4

So, you’re actually back for more? I’m impressed. Without further ado, here are today’s 25 of 100 random things about me:

  1. I have never felt like I am the age that I am. When I was younger, I felt I was older and now that I’m older I always feel at least 5 years younger than I really am.
  2. Sometimes people get shocked when they meet me for the first time. This usually applies to people who have only spoken to me on the phone and don’t know my full name or have ever seen a photo of me. Sometimes people who have only spoken to me on the phone and know my full name1 are still shocked by the fact that I’m asian. I guess this means my English is good.
  3. Poor blood circulation must be the reason that my hands and feet are always cold, even if I’m cozy everywhere else.
  4. I have never been skiing. I went skiing for the first time on Feb 15 2009 and wiped out, but good. So good, we called it YouTube worthy2.
  5. Nor have I ever been anywhere outside of Ontario. I am hoping 2009 is the year to change that.
  6. I love the idea of extreme sports like Bungee jumping, sky diving, zip lining, ice climbing, outdoor rock climbing, and racing.
  7. I have yet to do any of that.
  8. I’m not sure 2009 is the year to change all of that, but hopefully some of it.
  9. Being a multi-tasker, I will email you things as we’re discussing them over the phone. I will also be drinking something while doing this, and I may be listening to my favourite song, the radio or the TV as well. I might… even be planning everything else around what we’re discussing.
  10. I dislike talking on the phone unless I have a headset that allows me to keep my hands free to do other things.
  11. I can’t do a project half-assed; I either do it well or not at all. This is a problem when your employer doesn’t so much care about the quality of your work but rather that it just gets done. When I find this out, I usually quit.
  12. I like to enter contests online. The only one I’ve won was a contest on torontostar.com for a DVD of Hero (Ying xiong) starring Jet Li. It has been at least 5 years and I have yet to watch this movie. I don’t think I’ve even opened it.
  13. My favourite movie of all time is Cameron Crowe’s ‘Almost Famous’ starring Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup,
  14. Frances McDormand, Jason Lee and Patrick Fugit. I know there are many others who were great in the movie, but these 5 are my favourites.
  15. I love it because of the great music in the movie, and because of how accurately Crowe depicts how much you can love a piece of music or a band/artist. Other great things about the movie: how hot Billy Crudup is playing the guitarist.
  16. I like cooking in general, but baking soothes me. Cookies and cupcakes are my favourite things to bake.
  17. When I was a teenager, I was convinced I wouldn’t live past 40. I was so convinced that I was ready to kill myself doing some sort of extreme sport3 just to make sure my prediction would come true. Just to clarify: I didn’t mean that I would commit suicide but I was planning on basically doing things without caution and if I survive, then I survive but if I die then my prediction would have been bang on!
  18. I’ve had John Mayer’s ‘Come back to bed’ as my ring tone since Oct 2008 and I’m still not sick of it.
  19. I’m sure the fact that I don’t get that many phone calls, helps that fact.
  20. Not getting that many calls, doesn’t bother me that much. I prefer texts and emails anyway.
  21. I saw Bruce Springsteen for the first time in May 2008, I wasn’t *that* much of a fan before that but I sure am now. The man can rock.
  22. I have been to a concert on my own before, and I really enjoyed myself. It was a Jewel concert and I had great seats in the Orchestra.
  23. Movies are another story though, I’m not sure I could go to see a movie by myself.
  24. Despite all the people I’m close with who loves music, I’ve always found it hard to get people to go to concerts with me. I guess it doesn’t help that these people who love music are also not rich4.
  25. Eating by myself is something I like to do as well. When I was living in Dublin, I used to love going into town5 on the weekend to sit in a Bistro to have a meal, read a book or write in my journal and a nice glass of wine.

How about now, do you think you know me? Or have I at least inspired you to write your own ‘100 random things…’ list?

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  1. and still haven’t seen a photo of me []
  2. too bad no one had a video camera rolling at the time []
  3. do you see a connection here or what? []
  4. like me []
  5. they don’t call it ‘downtown’ []
  6. you are here []
  7. coming soon []

responses to “100 random things about fragileheart – Part 2 of 4” 12

  1. 28 – My hands and feet are ALWAYS cold
    37 – I constantly enter contests.. no wonder my e-mail is circulating throughout the web.. and i’m pretty sure so is my cell phone number, because i’ve been getting random automated messages from random numbers lol
    45 – I REALLY prefer texts & emails lol
    47 – I’ve seen 2 movies on my own (but that was when I was underage and couldn’t get into the movies my siblings went to lol.. I had a blast though!) I prefer to watch movies on my own in general at home.

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  3. @Penny: Oh wow. I’m not sure I have full blown Raynuads because they never change colour – they just always feel cold. It usually fixes itself when I move around. I hope you get to do more things on your own though 🙂 Its such a nice feeling! And yay you like it too???

    @trench: lol great way of looking at it!! I believe that you look 10 yrs younger (at least from photos I’ve seen)… you and Your wife.

    @Ken: Almost Famous is such an amazing movie… *sigh* I still get goose pimples thinking about it.

    @Web-Betty: Wow that’s hardcore… I don’t own any WP paraphrenelia but I wish I did. I would wear it proudly! hehe maybe you and Ken have convinced me to watch the movie but it’ll be a while before I actually do – there are some good movies about to start!

    @haleyhughes: Yay! You broke your silence 🙂 Yeah, I mean I’ve never traveled anywhere outside of Ontario in Canada (I really should have been more clear). Agreed, it probably is an alone but not alone thing 😉

    @Ayrpel: LOL First time I remembered the fact that I used to think that way… I LOL’d too!

    @erin: lol I don’t know this show – I’ll have to look it up!

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  5. De-lurking here. On No. 30, do you mean that you’ve never traveled in Canada outside of Ontario? Because I know you’ve been to New York, Dubai and Ireland…

    And I’m a big fan of No. 50. Love sitting in a restaurant by myself with a good book or a writing project. I think it’s an alone but not alone thing.

    haleyhughess latest..News on the writing front

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  7. I’m not a fan of kung fu/action movies, but I really like Jet Li and thought Hero wasn’t bad.

    I won the very first blog/online contest I ever entered. 🙂 I was totally new to blogging (I only had the WBB) and had no idea what I was doing–I used it to post pics for family. I won a WordPress sweatshirt from an SEO blog. At the time I was like “WordPress, okay, I think that’s what I use.” Now I wear my WP sweatshirt proudly. 😛

    Web-Bettys latest..A reminder of what moms do, everyday

  8. 30 is the new 20 as far as Im concerned! I’ve never felt my age as well. I actually look almost 10 years younger than I am. Can you believe parents still come in my classroom and ask where the teacher is? LOL ITS ME!!!

    trenchs latest..The Secret Life of Bees (DVD)

  9. I guess it’s cool that you feel younger 🙂 My bf has that hands and feet thing – it is a condition called Raynauds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raynauds) and it can happen even when the rest of him is warm. I would really love to do more things on my own, I am definitely planning to. And yay for Almost Famous!

    Pennys latest..Constant Noise

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