100 random things about fragileheart – Part 3 of 4

Wow, I’ve given you 50 pretty useless facts about me and you still keep coming back for more? You deserve a prize.. and maybe you’ll get one. We’ll see…

  1. My favourite colour is Pantone #267 U, or Amethyst.
  2. Unfortunately for me my birth stone is the Topaz.
  3. I edit forwards. I hate sending someone an email with all those annoying empty spaces, ‘>’ and email addresses of people I don’t care to have. I also filter a lot of my forwards; I only send out about 10% of the ones I receive.
  4. I also realise that this is meant to be random so while I have tried to put these into some sort of order, I haven’t gone to a lot of great lengths to ensure this either. I think this means I can follow rules.
  5. I have been on twitter (a social networking, micro-blogging tool/website) for less than 1 year and have updated more than 5,000 times. Over 80% of those updates are replies to people.
  6. The most common word I have seen used to describe me is ‘caring’.
  7. This makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
  8. I like feeling warm and fuzzy… any way that i can – this includes ingesting alcohol and such.
  9. Singing also makes me feel warm and fuzzy. There is nothing like belting out a good tune and rockin’ the lyrics that can make any day better.
  10. I don’t get to do that as often as I wish I could.
  11. In the past, I have deliberately taken a route which was congested with traffic just so I could listen to my songs and sing more.
  12. I’ve been known to hold a grudge. I like to think it has something to do with the fact that I care so much. The logic behind this is: when you care a lot, you can get hurt more and pain feeds grudges like ice cream feeds fat kids. But there isn’t much logic where emotions are involved so I don’t know how true this is.
  13. People who knew me when I was younger will tell you that I was a very hot-tempered individual. I’m not so sure when things changed so I can’t tell you who to talk to to tell you that I am no longer this same individual, but most of the people who I keep close now can tell you so.
  14. I use a lot of lotion and lip balm. I can’t go without it. If I forget some at home, I *will* have to go buy some. More so the lip balm than the hand lotion, but you get the point.
  15. I’ve been told I have really soft skin. All of sudden my lotion addiction doesn’t seem so bad.
  16. I’m not the greatest driver in the world, but I don’t think I’m a bad driver.
  17. I don’t think there is anyone I have trusted enough to tell every last dirty little secret that I have. There are those who are close, you know who you are.
  18. If you’re not on this list, please don’t ask to be. It will only hurt your chances.
  19. Despite spending a lot of time with my parents and brother in the last year and a half, I’m not that close with my family. I don’t tell them my secrets.
  20. I’ve had best friends in the past, but none that have been there for all my life. Luckily, I’m still friends with most of them even if I’ve drifted apart from some of them over the years.
  21. I used to have a real problem asking for help. I never wanted to bother anyone with my problems so I would sit and lament over things alone… its made me a stronger problem solver but I do wish I had relied on people more. Maybe I would have had a best friend by now if I did.
  22. As much as I1 like to talk to people about my problems, I’ve found my best solutions from writing in my journals or just simply typing them out into a blog post
  23. Many of my real life friends don’t understand why blogging means so much to me.
  24. Saying that my online friends understand would be an understatement.
  25. In total, I’ve attended 3 high schools. Of course I only graduated from one but I still attended 3 different ones: St. Mary’s Catholic High School2, Oakwood Collegiate Institute3 and Victoria Park Secondary School4.

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responses to “100 random things about fragileheart – Part 3 of 4” 11

  1. 59 – LOVE to sing. can we karaoke already.
    64 – I’m the same way with lip balm. If I don’t have any with me and my lips are in need.. Shoppers here I COME!

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  3. Okay, I like 62 the best so far. “In the past, I have deliberately taken a route which was congested with traffic just so I could listen to my songs and sing more.”

    We’ve probably driven past each other while doing that. 🙂

    Ken Armstrongs latest..Stumbling Upon Ghosts

  4. @fragileheart Yeah… my girlfriend is originally from Germany and lived in England for a while so she spells things using the u. It just looks off to me. 😛

    I’m a beer man. I can’t stand wine for whatever reason. It just seems to ‘meh’ to me. I love champagne/sparkling wine, but that is about it as far as the wine category.

  5. @Penny: lol I guess it was exciting. Means I haven’t kept the same friends all my life though which is hard. lol yes, my bf helped a lot too but he’s not laid back… just Irish (help me out here Ken?). LOL

    @Erica: lol I can’t wait to be in the same country with the bf so I can start telling him my problems… though I’m not sure that’ll actually change. LOL I’m so happy for you though that you have D.

    @Gary: heh I live in Canada and here we use the letter U. My absolute favourite? Would have to be red wine… then Rye (Canadian Whiskey).

  6. Color not colour! This isn’t Britain! Errr… well maybe it is. hmm…

    So what is your favorite alcohol, fragileheart?

    Gary R. Hesss latest..Star Trek: My Generation

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  9. Wow three different high schools is a lot! Your life sounds exciting. I used to be very hot tempered too. Some may say I still am, but my bf is so laid back it helps a lot.

    Pennys latest..Constant Noise

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