A Quiet Life

I met with a friend recently. Okay, I’ve met with many friends recently1. However, this friend is special to me in many ways. For one, we’ve known each other since high school. So for 20 years now, this woman has known me. She’s not the only friend I have from that time period, but I feel like she can offer a more objective perspective when she shares her observances of how I’ve changed because we haven’t been as close as my other friend since she’s been traveling a lot2.

I had expressed to her that I’m quite content being a hermit and staying home all the time. And maybe that’s because I’ve finally gotten some peace and quiet at home3 , and it’s all still very new to me but only time will tell. But after a couple hours of exchanging stories she agreed with me that there was something that changed… I used to to be quite the social butterfly. I speculated that it had to do with the fact that I never really liked spending time alone, whereas I very much prefer my own company these days.

Maybe it’s my age. Maybe I’m getting more jaded. Maybe my ‘fragile’ heart has finally experienced enough pain or maybe I’m still getting over the heartbreak from a year and a half ago and I’m not ready to open up to anyone4. Only time will tell.

Then again… maybe I’m also just perfectly happy spending time with all my plant babies.

  1. since Toronto has reopened, I’ve made it a point to have socially distanced visits with those in my ‘circle’ []
  2. She’s also just a magical person who everyone should get to know []
  3. something that I just wasn’t getting for four years now []
  4. even friends []