Adieu Summer 2010

As Labour Day weekend has come and gone and with September 22nd fast approaching, yet another summer comes to an end. I’ve had a bit of trouble thinking up things to write about that doesn’t involve what is constantly on my mind1. But with the way this year started I think it might be important to take note of all the wonderful-ness I was able to experience this summer.

And in fact, I’m going to go as far back as March because really that’s where it all began. March 1st was like a special New Year’s just for me: Thanks to Onestà, I had gotten a brand new haircut from a super professional that was flown in from LA2, I had finally cut ties with a man who wasn’t much of a man at all and I was starting a brand spanking, new and exciting job. And then I also found out I was selected to be a Stage Manager at Canadian Music Week 2010.

 Canadian Music Week 2010: Dan Hill & Don Schlitz

And while I was volunteering for Canadian Music Week 2010 I met Canadian Singer & Songwriter Dan Hill, as well as Don Schlitz. It was an unreal experience to be sitting mere feet away from them, all the while knowing that if the time is up I am going to be the most hated person in the room. Seeing these vets perform made me realise what a true musical genius looks like, the ease with which Don’s fingers plucked his guitar strings. The smoothness of both their voices as they performed some classics. I simply melted. But beyond that, I was able to discover some new artists3 and meet some pretty cool people.

After that work exploded and I didn’t get to do very much with my life other than spend time with someone who keeps my sanity4 and hang out with my girls. There weren’t any big events but there was plenty of memorable events. The next one I want to talk about was a fundraiser I put together for my dear friend CN at Bread & Circus. Lisa Waterstone, one of my favourite Ontario photographers, happened to be in town and was available to come down and take some great photos for us. I had fully intended on blogging about the evening but apparently never got around to it for one reason or another5. We had performances by A Northern Drawl, Carla Sacco6, DJ Dirtyred featuring Mr. Mandelephant who were all gracious enough to donate their time. Everyone came, drank, enjoyed three very different sounds of all great music and we raised over $500 for cancer research!

After my volunteer stint at CMW, I wanted to find more great things to get involved in so I applied and got offered volunteer positions with the Fringe Festival 20107, and NXNEi8 – all the while being super busy at work mind you! Next up is my third favourite part of Summer 2010 – Camping at Silent Lake. As I may have already mentioned – despite the fact that I did not find the solitude I was expecting while camping, the serenity of Silent Lake still helped me get what I really needed out of that long weekend: relaxation. Which brings me to right about now. One word seems have to seeped its way into this life: Twitter. It all started with one Tweet-up.

And ever since I’ve been able to meet some pretty amazing people. There is a world of wonderfully supportive, creative, talented, driven, genuine people that I now get to Interact, Communicate & Engage (ICE!) with every day. And I just know it’s only the tip of the ICEberg 😉 Are you wondering who all these wonderful people are? It’ll all be revealed in due time.

How was your summer?

Hair show photo –
Jason Howlett
A Northern Drawl photo –  Lisa Waterstone

  1. It’s not shopping…[]
  2. at a hairshow[]
  3. I’ll tell you more about them in a little while. Maybe[]
  4. but who isn’t a romantic interest and yet satisfies part of the need[]
  5. i.e. life got in the way[]
  6. she didn’t perform in costume[]
  7. great festival to be a part of[]
  8. North by North East interactive[]

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