Once upon a time, was a diary. I used to write about the deep pain that I was going through and all the other angst-filled thoughts my little teenage brain could muster. It was all very heartbreaking. That was back in the day when this blog was hosted by GeoCities1.

I still write about things I care about, I’m just not as emo about it as I used to be. I call myself “fragileheart” online, but I’m also known as Reg or Reggy2. I am Canadian by passport, and Filipino-Chinese by blood. I’ve lived in Dubai, Dublin and Toronto. I’d love to live in New Zealand, Italy, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles or the South of France.

That’s all for now, I’m sure I’ll think of more random bits of information to put up on this page – but in the mean time… why don’t you start at the beginning (of this version of this blog) and enjoy the ride!

I may or may not like to sing too. I may or may not need better recording equipment.

If you want to learn about what I do for work, I guess you could check out this subsection of the blog:

What’s that? You haven’t had enough? Well then, here you go!

You can find me all over the web; there’s a handy toolbar at the bottom of this website with links to all my profiles on various social media, you can also check me out onĀ

And then there are the other places I’ve shown up on the web. This is an ever-growing list, so check back again soon:


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  5. IMDb: Actress, Crew


  1. My break-up with smoking
  2. Promo for #LEAFtaxi
  3. Covering Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time for fun
  4. Music Video for “Give What You Can” by The Reply
  5. The Official Trailer for Unhappy Happy

Write to me! I love3 mail!

Of course you can also ask me things by emailing me at therealfragileheart [at] gmail [dot] com.

  1. if you know what that is without clicking for the wikipedia article, you are probably as old as I am and therefore cool []
  2. and rarely as Regina, but that was the name I was given at birth []
  3. legitimate []