Because it takes my breath away

I close my eyes and let it take over my heartbeats, as the instruments take their places in the choreography of the song… I breathe in deep and out slowly. Getting the first note right, doesn’t always mean the song will go well but it just gives you that extra push. There’s no feeling like letting it all out from your diaphragm.

I love to sing, and I think I’m good – not good enough to get on Canadian Idol but maybe that’s a good thing. Everything happens for a reason right? There’s just something about belting out words that mean something to you, in a tune that completes the song. There’s a feeling that I get when I get to sing the songs I love, out loud. And the only way I can describe the feeling, is to say that, “My soul is happy when I sing.”

It’s happier when I sing well, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had the voice to sing a full song well. My diaphragm is out of practice, and my perma-cough doesn’t help matters much. But I still sing, to myself. I don’t sing in the shower anymore because I can’t seem to remember the lyrics to songs very well either. So I just end up singing the same verse and the chorus over and over again. But when I get in my car, and there’s traffic ahead… it’s like a dream come true. I get to concentrate on my singing and let all my troubles melt away.

I miss performing though, so I’ve been considering joining some sort of choir… or maybe just disciplining myself into learning lyrics so I can perform for people when they ask me to. It just seems like a waste not to, since I’m fully capable of singing A Capella.

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  4. Peri – are you speaking from experience?

    Yevka – What was wrong with firefox? Did you figure it out?

    Jason – You are an awesome performer, you have a great stage presence. I’ve never considered writing a song – but the other day I did kind of start to write one… just as I was feeling happy, walking along… it was fun – but I can’t for the life of me remember it now.

    Heather – You betcha! I’d love to jam with you!

    fragilehearts last blog post..Why it had to be done…

  5. “My soul is happy when I sing”….I couldn’t agree more. With my new ventures into the world of the guitar, I hope to be singing more in the future. Call me if you need a harmony partner 🙂

  6. I love performing.
    I’m not an amazing singer. Not really an amazing guitarist either. But I think I have a great presence on stage when I sing. And that feeling, you talkabout. I get the same thing when I can captivate an audience with a song. You ever try writing a song?

  7. i’m back! 😀 lol. but i think there’s something wrong with firefox. dunno. works okay in IE though….

  8. Memory loss is one of the first signs of aging. Believe me I know. I just hum songs these days.

  9. Jillian – hehe we’ll see. I don’t even own a microphone!! I know, I know… what kind of geek am I really?

    Michael – Hm… I do believe it’s called cut-out. But don’t quote me on it. 😛

  10. Chris – checked out the songs. They’re both awesome! It’s too bad you guys didn’t finish it. Hopefully one day you will! It’s never too late, I think!

    JoanJoyce & Canucklehead – ee… I dunno about a video. I’ll think about putting up an audio clip though. Video would expose too much of me (visually)

    L.S. King – Exactly! Now I just need to work on my memory so I can really start belting songs out. It’s hard to go full on when every other word is a hum. lol You have a great blog btw!

    Pit – So true, so true. Performing is nerve-wracking, adrenaline filled, passionate, sweaty fun! hehehe

    Yevka – Thanks girl! I will definitely keep singing! Miss you too!! I can’t wait to hear all about your latest adventures. When are you coming back (online)??

    Beeker – hehe I’ll see, I’ll see. Awh I can’t imagine you’re that bad?!! I want to hear you now too!!

    Michael – It’s a filter in Photoshop. It’s a cheat I use to make it look like a ‘vector’ but it’s obviously not a vector. heheheh 😛

  11. I am jumping on the bandwagon. I would like to hear you sing as well! I have been asked to never sing for the sake of all animals. I love listening to others sing!

    beeker’s last blog post..Talk Nerdy To Me

  12. hey reg. u must definitely be seeing any and every chance you get! I second Pit. We do spend too much time on our “have to’s” that our “want to’s” are usually in the back burner. Sing! Sing! Sing! Miss you!!!!

  13. I sing too! Alot actually. Check out my demo’s I made way back. never finished however. 🙁 Too busy with other things. anyway, click on my name for the direct link to my myspace music page! 🙂

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