Breast Cancer prevention, Part 2 of 4

I needed a few days to let my last post sink in to my own head, so I decided to take a break before posting this next part up. Also, the next pointer is going to be a real tough one for me so I needed to mentally prepare myself for it!

3. suggest that the #3 thing you should do to lower your chances of getting breast cancer is to limit your alcohol intake. Crap on a stick! Granted, I actually don’t drink that much if you take my average the amount I’ve had over my entire adult1, but I’m pretty sure that limiting alcohol intake would include not binge drinking.

4. Ah, finally a tip that I should have no problem following: Eat more fruits and vegetables. Also, this tip helps counter my failure from tip #3. At least according to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Fruit and vegetables are meant to lower your risk of cancer in general. In particular Carrots, Broccoli, Zucchini, Cabbage2, Peas, Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, Spinach, Garlic and Onions are your best allies in battling cancer. Now, I just need to work on increasing my daily vegetable intake!

5. The next pointer they give is one that’s always our minds as women, avoid the fat or more accurately eat the right fat. Omega-3 has been pumped into our brains enough by advertising, that I think even I3 knows by now that its good for your heart and overall health, and now I know that it also helps my breast health.

6. This next tip, has my eyes as large as saucers: Women must carefully consider HRT. I first heard about Hormone Replacement Therapy as my Mum went through meopause. I thought that HRT was necessary for women who going through menopause as their bodies no longer go through the menstrual cycle that helps keep the hormones cycling through our bodies as necessary. To find out that it could actually cause cancer?! GAH.

I suppose it makes sense, if you think about it, an increase in hormones in your body would logically increase your chance of getting cancer… but still. GAH.

*sigh* I think I’ll stop here to let these sink in4.

Did you learn something today?

  1. and perhaps teenage life []
  2. ew []
  3. an ignorant, by choice, consumer []
  4. and to give me a chance to research this HRT thing further []

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  1. @Ate Maeyo: You’re welcome! I’m so glad that people are benefiting from my posting of this because I know how hard it is to read boring and scary information like!

    @trench: haha I hope she does drink with you! Red wine is so nice!! I should send you a bottle of Baco Noir from a local winery here, its delicious!

    @Carrie: Welcome!! I think everyone should have a few vices but they should only be consumed in moderation (is it still a vice then?) You’re absolutely right about there being a reason our bodies stop producing it naturally, I had never thought about it like that before!

  2. I have always questionned the logic of HRT, perhaps cynically suspecting a ploy by drug companies to fill their coffers. Seriously, there has to be a reason why our bodies stop producing these things after child-bearing potential ceases. As a high risk candidate (my mother had breast cancer) I refused them and I can’t say I noticed any problems. I do drink my wine, though. At this point (age 61) I have few enough vices.

    Carrie Berrys latest..One ought…

  3. Hey Reg. Thanks for this article. I’m learning quite a lot from it. If it wasn’t posted on your blog as a post I probably wouldn’t sit and read it. Also, great job in chopping it off. It is always difficult to digest such long articles!

    I love your to do list! I wanted to create a checklist for my baby prep stuff. I thought it was a widget, then when I clicked on “here” I realized that you manually created it. GREAT JOB!

  4. @mspennylane: Thanks – there’ll be so much more coming! LOL It was a pretty long article and I wanted to cut it down to size so it doesn’t take over my entire first page (and make the page even longer than it is).

    I can totally agree with you about the red wine though I don’t have a glass everyday like I used to because its weird drinking a glass while your parents are working away around the house. LOL

    Re: The to-do list is actually just something I added in manually. I haven’t gotten around to using widget so I code my sidebar myself. I find widgets leave too much awkward space between widgets! Thanks – its helping me focus on what i need to do!

    And thanks for the tag!

  5. Hey again – off topic but just to let you know you’ve been tagged 🙂

    mspennylanes latest..I’ve Been Tagged

  6. Thanks for posting all these. The fact is it would probably take me a long time to find out if it wasn’t right here on your blog! The alcohol thing is probably a problem for loads of us. Remember that thing about red wine being good for you? But then I read it can cause breast cancer if you have a glass a day or something. And I LOVE my glass of red wine… ah well, the fruit and veg thing is definitely a good one. I use tinned tomatoes in so much of my food and apparently they are great for it as they concentrate the anti-cancer ingredient. But I only just heard of all those other ones, I don’t know if I can eat too much cabbage either :S

    PS. I just noticed your to do list in a widget, I don’t know if that was there but great idea anyway!

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