Breast Cancer prevention, part 3 of 4

To continue where we left off…

7. The next tip is one that I’m not sure I can do because I don’t like taking something chemical everyday1 but they are suggesting that taking seven or more aspirin can inhibit oestrogen production in your body2.

8. Here’s one that the guys will certainly love to help out with: Practice breast (self-)examinations. I’m sure I don’t need explain why these are important in preventing breast cancer. But just so we’re clear, its like getting your teeth checked regularly3 or going for your annual physical. The earlier you find something wrong, the easier it will be fight/fix it.

I know this is one thing I need to do more often, its not so much fear of finding a lump but more so that its boring – but I suppose it wouldn’t interfere with that day that much if I add it to my daily shower. I mean I’m in there naked already, and I usually run my hands all along my body while rinsing anyway… I can just take an extra few seconds to rub around the right areas right?

So there’s a tad bit more to think about… You may notice that I’m dragging this out as much as possible. That’s because I find if I don’t read over the information more than once and let it sink in for sometime the information will just fly out of my brain soon as I put it there.

So, what did you learn today?

  1. even though I already take allergy meds, and multivitamins everyday []
  2. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that it will limit it to a healthy level []
  3. which incidentally, I wouldn’t know anything about since I never go []

responses to “Breast Cancer prevention, part 3 of 4” 6

  1. @penny: Thanks, I’m learning quite a bit from doing this. I just hope I have time to do more before the month is over!

    @trench: lol That’s a really good husbandly thing for you to do!

  2. I think it’s good you’re dragging it out – it’s much easier for us to take in too 🙂 And yeah I’m not sure about the drugs thing either, but self exams are definitely important I guess it just needs to become part of a daily routine

    mspennylanes latest..My Daily Routine

  3. @B: Thanks!

    @Haley: LOL I’m usually half asleep while in the shower so the running of my hands all over my body isn’t as exciting as you would think it would be.

  4. I didn’t know that about the aspirin. I might have to consider that. Interesting. As for the self-exams, I *really* need to do that more.

    And I have to laugh at the way you said it was boring to do the self-exam, then went on to describe how you rinse in the shower… 🙂

    haleyhughess latest..13 things on my bulletin board

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