But you will never have my rhyme

I was really anxious on the drive over because the last time I went to a John Mayer concert, I had to drive to London and had forgotten my credit card. When I called the number on my ticket confirmation, the lady said I would definitely need my credit card to collect the tickets. So we started to back-track, half-way through I decided to turn around without collecting my credit card because I decided we would’ve missed the entire concert if I had bothered. We still missed a good chunk of the concert, but we didn’t miss it all.

This time, to avoid having the same thing happen I opted to pick up my tickets at a ticketmaster location (instead of will call). But even still, driving up to the venue I felt extremely nervous about forgetting something or not being able to enjoy one of my favourite artists.

Love the nameWe quickly found a parking spot beside one of his equipment trucks, and walked towards the gates. As we passed the scalpers I contemplated trading in our tickets for closer seats but I knew they’d ask for more money so we just kept on walking. I wasn’t planning on buying a t-shirt but they were featuring a white t-shirt with a purple print in just my size… how could I resist? Luckily, I had set aside $40 for this event that I was going to use on drinks/snacks I think that spending $35 on a t-shirt was a better investment.

We caught Colbie Caillat, one of John’s openers and thought she was absolutely adorable… not sure I’d buy her album but I’d certainly buy some songs on iTunes or Rhapsody. There was a long break between her set and John’s set, so we walked around for a little bit to stretch our legs. But once the sun set, the stage lights dimmed and the crowd went wild (actually the crowd went wild a few times as the roadies walked between the stage and backstage).

He opened with Vultures off of his latest album Continuum, and went straight into Waiting on the world to change after that. An ‘oldie’ Clarity, gave way to Eric Claptions Crossroads where he once again showed me what an amazing guitarist he is (not that I needed to be reminded). Wheel was a highlight for me as I’ve always liked the song off his album Heavier Things. Followed by the hit, Bigger than my body. Next up was a wonderful cover of Sam Cooke’s Ain’t nobody’s bizness; giving the evening some heavenly soul (no pun intended).

As if the evening wasn’t good enough, it really made my night when he started Belief and followed it with Daughters. Even though Daughters has been over-played, the message of the song is so true and so pure that I can’t help but love it. And even though I thought he was letting me down by playing No such thing, the fact that he so cleverly segued into Why Georgia (another favourite) certainly made up for it! And if it had been his last song, I would gladly take Gravity to end the night any day!

John MayerHis (mostly solo) encore included a medly of three songs LA Song, something’s missing and Never tear us apart. I even loved his cover of Tom Petty’s Free Falling and sort of wish we had stayed for his final song, Say, but we really wanted to beat the rush in the venue and the parking lot so we left.

I am so glad I was able to go to the concert, and I can’t wait for the next one (so much so that I’m trying to see if I can go to another one of his shows in the States). I do know though that the next concert of his that I go to see… I will be shelling out for better seats. Not being able to see him properly just isn’t enough for me anymore. However, I am glad I missed out at this concert because he was wearing a very questionable muscle tank that I was not very fond of.

Of course, it doesn’t matter because to me his music and talent is enough to make me want to jump him every time I turn on the car (his CD is always playing in my car).


  • “But you will never have my rhyme” is from the lyrics to I’m going to find another you, by John Mayer.
  • The concert was held at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Ontario on July 7, 2008.

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  1. @kikamz: Welcome! I hope he does perform in Japan and you can get to see him. ‘Back to you’ is a really good one!

  2. i just love John Mayer! should he perform here in Japan, I would surely be there! “Back to you” is my all time favorite!

  3. I have to say that the Molson Amphitheatre is by FAR my favourite concert venue – I’m no Mayer fan but I bet it was a great show. I still remember seeing Jack Johnson & Ben Harper play there – the sun going doing, cold beer, lots of ‘smoking’ going on … good times!

  4. @Trench – Ooh… you’re just good. Wish I could have you around when I need last minute tix. ;D

    @Canuck – Agreed. Molson was the venue where I first fell in love with Dave Matthews Band and a certain element of ‘live’ outdoor music to which you have already alluded.. ;P

  5. no we got tickets in both Washington DC and Seattle while I was out there. You just got to show them whose boss….

  6. @Erica: OMG I can’t believe you’ve heard ‘Comfortable’ live. That has to be one the most gut wrenchingly beautiful songs he has ever written! I am officially jealous of you. haha

    @Haley: I assure you he does *not* say that at all the shows!! At least he didn’t say that in Toronto. I was fantasizing about following him on tour a little bit especially since he’s doing so many that are close enough for me to drive to, but this whole being unemployed thing kind of put a damper on that plan. Glad you went to see him and enjoyed. He jams so well!

    @Trench: Maybe scalpers over there are easier to deal with than over here. Over here I’m afraid that if I piss them off they’re going to stick a needle in me 🙁

  7. Glad you enjoyed the concert. I buy from scalpers all the time. But Im better than hustling them then the other way around… haha

  8. We just saw him last night here in Chicago. Fun show! Seems very similar to our playlist, although he did add a cover of Panama (Van Halen). He jammed a lot with us. Seemed to be feeling very loose and bluesy. Claimed it was because he was in Chicago, but he might say that to all the shows. 🙂

    haleyhughess latest..Looking for hidden meanings

  9. @Monique: He didn’t! I love that song too but what I really wanted him to play was ‘The Heart of Life’, if you haven’t heard it… you should listen to it. It’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  10. He is so delicious.

    Did he sing, “Dreaming with a broken heart”? I loooooove that song SO much.

    Ok, I’m done drooling all over your blog.

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