Confidence in me

I have confidence in confidence alone. Besides which you see I have confidence in me!

The above lyrics are from a song called, I have confidence, from The Sound of Music soundtrack and I think it fits for a ‘motto’ to my life. Don’t misunderstand though, I know I’m not ‘perfect’ (there’s that word again). I always wanted things to be perfect – including myself. But when I moved to Ireland, I realised it was ok to make mistakes. I always felt the need to have control over everything that went on in the world (yes, the world) and it used to upset me very much if someone so much as neglected to signal a lane change. But all that has changed….

I have more patience, and this new-found patience has given me more confidence because I know that as long as I’m trying my darnedest I can be proud of my accomplishments. As I’ve mentioned before (and I am working on getting a microphone so I can post a clip of this), I’m pretty good but obviously I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t get far enough to get on TV for the Canadian Idol auditions. And I used to be deeply saddened by this… but I’m not any longer. At least I have a little bit of talent to get me through. At least I was given the gift of loving music!

I also have some talent for design and coding. But I obviously wasn’t good enough to get into the Graphics Communications Management program at Ryerson when I applied, and is the reason I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management instead. And just like with the singing, I used to be deeply saddened by the fact that I’m not good enough to make poeple’s head’s turn with my creations, but I’m not any longer. At least I can still have my blog and design when I feel like it rather than be pressured by deadlines and what not.

Another area I suppose I should talk about is my love life, I used to be really insecure in relationships. I would always come up with reasons for my current bf to hate me1 and always think that they were cheating or just about to leave me2. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to realise that the person I’m with is just as insecure as I am – no matter how confident they seem. And this realization has given me the confidence to be in a healthy, trusting, caring relationship.

Having confidence allows you to have conviction, and it allows other people to have confidence in you. And I firmly believe that having confidence enables you to do anything you want, and that in turn gives you confidence.

Do you have self-confidence? Did you always?

  1. in my mind []
  2. when in reality I was the one always cheating, but that’s for another day []

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  1. @Bas: So glad to hear you say that. I wish more people could realise that so much of the misertable things in life would be so much better if we all just had a little bit more confidence in ourselves (not cockiness though).

    @fruityoaty: Wishing you all the best hun, its tough but I really think its the ones who are persistent and overcome what this economy has presented us with will come out winners in the end.

    @Penny: Oh I hope we get to meet one day and you can play Piano and I can sing for you 🙂 it’d be awesome!

  2. Aww that is a great reason to start blogging. I wonder what life would have been like if I had been blogging! It helps me so much it’s amazing! Anyway, don’t worry about the singing – I understand your nerves but we would probably be REALLY impressed!! Hehe I should put some more piano playing up too 🙂

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

  3. I recently celebrated my birthday a few days ago… and now that it’s February, I feel a little anxiety creeping in. I’ve been putting off making decisions about my career (whether to continue in the same career path or go back to school). Now that the economy is so bad… recession is here… it put an extra burden on weighing the pros/cons.

    fruityoatys latest..Smashing Pumpkins Today: Cookies, Cheesecake Pie, Donut, Ice Cream, Muffin, Pancakes, Soup, Tea

  4. I used to be very insecure when I was young, but at some point I decided to get rid of the insecurity and the shyness… So I worked at it and I became more confident, but the biggest leap in confidence didn’t come from hard work. It came from realizing that it’s okay to be insecure; I accepted it and became comfortable with it… then I laughed out loud. Much of my old insecurity had completely vanished due to my acceptance of it.

    I believe confidence comes from accepting what is and accepting who you are. I tried to become more confident because I didn’t like who I was, not realizing that confidence comes with actually liking who you are. 🙂

    And a question, that I’d like you to answer via Twitter: how did you put those footnotes there?

    Bas – Serial Expats latest..How I Got Robbed in Istanbul

  5. @Ken: I’m not sure why you think *I* should have lots of confidence but thank for you for the compliment!

    @Erica: But you’re such a great person! I’m glad you have more self-confidence now 🙂

    @Penny: I’ve been lying to you guys for a while now. I have a microphone. Just deciding whether I want you all to hear me or not LOL Also, will the coincidences ever stop with us? lol I actually first started blogging because I was all alone after I broke up with a bf. (Though this was 10 yrs ago) Crazy!

    @erin: I find I still expect quite a bit from people but its certainly not as bad as it was before. I’m glad to hear you have a little more than negative self confidence! 🙂 {{hugs}}

    @trench: No way! Are there videos? I want to see videos! What parts did you play?!!

    @Web-Betty: Yeah, I didn’t get through obviously but it was so much fun. Camping over night, and finally getting up and getting through the first, second and third rounds… hehe Ken tends to say some rather accurate things doesn’t he?

  6. do you know I was in the SOUND of MUSIC play as a child? I did alot of them actually. Cats, Phantom, . Les Misérables,even the chorus line!!

    My parents thought it would be good for my self confidence! LOL

    trenchs latest..Lakeview Terrace (DVD)

  7. Interesting topic. I used to have 0 self-confidence. Scratch that, I used to have negative self-confidence. I thought I was the worst at everything and could do nothing. Now, I do not have high self-confidence, but I have much more than I used to. Like you, it was very difficult for me to let go of wanting to be perfect. I am still pretty hard on myself at times and think I have “failed” if I didn’t do something as perfectly as I had imagined. I am much more forgiving when it comes to my expectations of other people.

    erins latest..CMF Ads

  8. I have never been overly confident, especially in recent years. My last relationship and time on my own after that left me with almost no confidence.I found things in the world very hard to deal with too. I still do, but usually I stop thinking about them. learning to do that is something I am proud of. And I really hope you get a microphone!! I have confidence in your confidence 🙂

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

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