Feeding my love of light

Whether it be from sunshine, candle light, artificial light or the glow from my mobile phone when I get a text message from him. I love the warm glow that can come from certain light sources. Well, even though I haven’t lit this candle yet, I absolutely love it. From the packaging to the item itself, I have never been more excited over a single candle!


You see, these are no ordinary candles, they don’t just have a little flicker at the top like any ol’ candle. Oh no… the entire candle glows! How fabulous is that? I think it’s brilliant!

If you like these candles, please visit Black & Light Co. and help them out!

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  2. Clement, you’re such a sweetheart for stopping by – not just to me but to your wife as well. She’s very lucky to have you (as I’m sure you are to have her!) I certainly will light it. I brought it into work today to show my boss because I want to try and convince them to purchase some for the restaurant. Keep your fingers crossed that they’ll agree with me that it would totally suit the ambiance we’re going for!

  3. Michael, yes they are quite expensive… I was lucky to be given one as a present. 😀

    Kevin, I know right?!! They’re just amazing!

    Chris, I agree with your wife! I use all my candles although I won’t be using this one as often because I’m hoping to take them to Ireland and showcase them to someone there and get some more business for Black & Light Co.

  4. Dear Folks

    Yes, they are expensive. Yet even at those price levels we ‘trade dollars’ when selling Holly’s candles through her retail partner network. You see, it takes Hol 50-100 hours to get a concept for a candle onto a piece of paper, then transferred through various technical tools into a type of file she can use to create screens or engravings. It takes another 10-20 hours to clean up the final image, maybe more depending on the art and the artist’s state of mind about seeking perfection with the piece she’s creating. Then comes candle production. Hand poured, hand extruded, hand applied screen for printing and hand engraved with gravity assist – this all takes about a five day work week, or more.

    So a lot goes into it. They are worth every cent not just for what you see as a buyer, but for what each candles does to support the economic livelihood of our factory folk and their community, and also parts of the well being of the people who help us finish up the process by putting together the box and then packaging that little piece of art on a candle. These are the people at Grand Traverse Industries. Google them. They won our hearts.

    Please light the candle. That is when it really does its thing – which is to bring light to dark, a very special glowing light.

    So I help my best friend and only love, my wife of twenty eight years, with her dream. This is the first ‘blog’ I’ve jumped in on. Hope you understand.

    Advisor, best friend, and husband to the Owner, Holly Eve

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