Flickr Friday: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

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Luckily, I don’t want to! So its my birthday and Blogiversary today. Yes, yes its on the same day. Its easier that way or I’ll forget. I have the brain of an 80 year old after all. With so much to reflect on, we might as well get on with it:

My life
I can’t say I’ve done much in my 26th year of living. Let’s take stock: I went to the Philippines for Christmas last year to attend my cousin’s wedding ((who happens to be a few months younger than me)), then I celebrated New Year’s in Dublin and to spend my last 8 days with the love of my life. Before moving back to Toronto, I took a two week vacation in Dubai where I caught up with a lot of old friends.

Once I came back home, I got a job working at a hotel restaurant as a keyholder but soon injured my wrist and had to leave and pursue a desk job. I started summer off with a temp job at a great PR firm; with a perfectly timed vacation to Dublin in May/June.  Once back in Toronto, a small stint of unemployment led to a job offer through my Dad’s place of employment. Soon after I started, he came over for a 2 1/2 week holiday where we attended the wedding of one of his bestfriends.

My summer was filled of fun nights with the girls, but it ended all too soon when one girl May1 moved far away, Cathy1 started teaching, and Haza started a new job in hospitality. I miss them dearly, but its just as well. I need to save a lot of money!

The blog
I’d have to say that the biggest thing I did for my blog since my birthday last year was join entrecard. I could say that it was also that I updated more often2 and moved away from only posting about my personal feelings, but I’m pretty sure that entrecard3 was the reason for those things.

I did a quick survey of my blog posts, and I discovered that I did more Memes than ever before4. The first ‘memorable’ event I posted about for the year was Earth Hour. I also noticed that I stopped sharing posts like this, since I joined twitter in April.

I wrote about how I love to sing Because it takes my breath away. I also wrote my most popular5 blog post ever about what it means to be a Best friend. I also introduced Flickr Friday into my blogging stream.

I was a judge on the Mr. Entrecard pagaent, I wrote my 400th post, I learnt about breast cancer and breast cancer prevention, I got a new6 blackberry, I surveyed for advice on selling on ebay (and got some great responses), and I gave away credits for guessing my Halloween costume.

There are loads more in the archives, so feel free to take a gander! But that quick summary brings us to today.

I considered having some sort of contest for my blogiversary but I’m just too busy planning my birthday dinner/cocktail party that I’m throwing on Saturday. You’re all welcome to join me, assuming you want to make the trek out to Toronto  – though that’s easier for some than others7.

No question for you guys today. It’s all about me8!

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent[][]
  2. I went from 4 posts a month in both Nov & Dec, to 15 in Jan![]
  3. and the visitors that came as a result[]
  4. and this was before I started Monday Madness[]
  5. until recently, but I don’t count the blackberry post to be useful to anyone[]
  6. used[]
  7. *ahemLincahem*[]
  8. *wink*[]

responses to “Flickr Friday: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” 30

  1. @Penny: Saturday night allowed me to sing quite a bit and I was delighted that my allergies stayed in check and didn’t cause me a coughing fit.

    @B: Thanks!!

  2. I never commented on your singing post before (I think) but I just wanted to say I think EVERYONE’s souls would be happier for singing. I love singing out loud, it just makes me feel good! I would love to get singing lessons some day. I hope you can start singing more again 🙂

  3. @the positive life: Thanks so much!

    @Lyndi: hehe I’m up to 442 now! Thanks so much 🙂

    @Ken: Of course I forgive you! I know, they’re too big… that’s why I didn’t buy them! haha so yeah, the cocktail party ended up being a wine party instead!

    @lala: Thanks you darling!

    @Erica: Yay! you’re the best!

    @Teena: Thank you!

    @Archon: hehe I didn’t have a contest but I wanted to give out some kind of prize! And you happened to be advertising! Thanks for the wishes!

    @TH: Thank you!

    @Beeker: Awh thanks hun! I love your blog too!

    @Laura: Thank you 🙂 It was very happy!

    @Haley: Ah better late than never! And I definitely had a great weekend 🙂

    @JD: hehe thanks! And welcome!!

    @Greggy: I know its crazy isn’t it? Thanks for thinking of me!

  4. Hi Reggy I really thought about you last night, and if I’d have had access to a computer I would have dropped you a note then.
    Anyway Happy Birthday “old friend” …it’s kinda hard to believe that I’ve been finding something to smile about in your post, and pictures, (and poetry) since you were a wee las of just “16” – Stay beautiful inside and out Reggy .-)

    Greggys latest..Stopping…

  5. Happy happy Birthday and Anniversary to you! Wish you more successful years to come in real life and same as the blogging life.

    Jades latest..Child Abused, Spirit Damaged

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