Flickr Friday: Not pink today

Balcony boys and the stage

A few months ago a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go see the Jason Mraz concert in October; I agreed even though I wasn’t a fan of his music1. Despite being on a school night2, I had a great time. Jason Mraz is quirky, charming, expressive and extremely talented. My favourite will always be John Mayer but I am glad I didn’t miss out on Wednesday night’s concert.

I like this photo because it shows you the quirky kind of stuff that Jason Mraz does at his concerts3. The three brass players would wander around the entire stage for most of the night, but for this particular song they came up to the balcony and played facing the stage. It was awesome!

I also like the entire set of pictures from the evening because it’ll forever be a positive reminder that trying new things is the only way to live life!

Do you try new things or do you let the fear take control?

  1. actually, I’m not a nonfan… I just didn’t listen to him per se []
  2. work night []
  3. not that I would be an expert since this was my first one []

responses to “Flickr Friday: Not pink today” 9

  1. @B: Great to hear it – it really was a great show!

    @fruityoaty: Yeah it was really neat! Wish I had an aisle seat so I could get a close up photo of them. And yes, life is definitely too short!

  2. That’s cool when the stage performers actually GET OFF the stage and walk around among the audience.

    As for your question… it depends. Like most people, we all have our ‘comfort zones’… what we’re willing to do. But yeah, I try out new things. Like that saying goes, “Life is too short.”

    fruityoatys latest..Battygirl Sees Batpod, Tumbler and Dead People

  3. What a nice picture! I’ve always heard he puts on a great show!

    AS far as your question, I always try my best to try new things!

  4. @Carol: Believe it or not that was just a projection! It looks real doesn’t it? It was definitely an enjoyable concert.

    @trench: I know! My friend picked great seats!

  5. That stained glass backdrop is gorgeous! How cool about the horn players. I think I’d really enjoy that concert – a departure from my usual, but I do enjoy live music of all styles.

    Carols latest..Friday Free Jam #8

  6. @Erica: Thanks it was a lucky capture because everyone was actually up and out of their seat dancing at the time! Heh I’ve always call it a school night!!

    @Penny: Thanks 🙂 Glad you liked my pictures from the evening! I have such a horrible memory that if I didn’t have these pictures I’d never remember (not true but I’d remember less hehe)

  7. That stage looks very cool, and your photos are great! Wow I wish I had photos as good as that to commemorate some of the great gigs I’ve been to

    mspennylanes latest..My Daily Routine

  8. Wow, great picture! I’ll have to check out your flickr later. I love the stained glass effect. I’m kind of obsessed with stained glass and mosaic patterns right now.

    I laughed when I saw you wrote “school night” – I don’t know if you wrote that on purpose, but I called D yesterday and informed him that I “took the bus to school…I mean, work!”

    Ericas latest..Some Birthday Lovin.

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