Flickr Friday: Paws up

Paws up

Yes, its time for another cat post. For those who are new to my blog, Flickr Friday is my chosen method of showcasing my favourite photos from my flickr photostream on my blog. Today’s Flickr Friday is dedicated to my beautiful little girl, Serine. We’ve had some problems with her using the entire house as a litter box, but I think we’ve finally solved the problem.

I’m ashamed to say that the problem was me. You see, my Mum ended up cleaning her litter more often than I did because I was just plain lazy1. And I think she didn’t like that, she wanted me to go be the one in there cleaning her litter. The change was almost instantaneous, and after 3 days of consecutively using her litter tray properly we let her out of her little room2. So now, she’s roaming the house free and has been my good little girl.

I was really worried for a while there because if she didn’t learn how to use her tray, I would have lost the battle against my parents to keep her. You see, we’ve all developed allergies3: My Mum was the first to get it, then me and now my Dad has developed a whooping cough that just won’t go away4. And I think we can deal with just the allergies alone, but using the entire house as a litter box is just not going to cut it anymore. Now I may be speaking too soon because it’s only been a few days since she’s been out of her room but I’m hopeful.

She’s quite a bit younger in this photo, but it’s one of my favourites; it reminds me of the days when I was able to let her sleep with me in my room. How I long for those days, but my allergies would keep me up if I were to let her sleep with me now. *sigh* What’s a girl to do?

Have you ever had this problem with a pet? How did you solve it?

  1. it started out as me being too busy with school, but then it turned into laziness []
  2. oh, did I forget to mentioned my parents locked her up in a room while I was staying at the apt with the bf? My bad []
  3. all except my brother anyway []
  4. the dr is telling him it’s allergies, we’re assuming it’s to the cat []

responses to “Flickr Friday: Paws up” 15

  1. Sneezing? weezing? Watery eyes? Hmmm have you ever consider a nice warm cuddly St. Benard? lol, just kidding… sigh the things one endures for feline love .-)

  2. @deutlich: Thanks 🙂 I like her!

    @mspennylane: If only you weren’t living in the UK, I’d gladly donate her to you since I know she’ll be in a loving home with you!

  3. @Stuart: Thanks, she’s a real sweetheart apart from all the litter box problems. I’m saving up to buy some non-allergenic pillow and mattress protectors (they’re not cheap) so I can deal with the allergies a bit better. I’m hoping that if it works for me, my parents will do it for their bed too.

    @Paunchiness: LOL Some dogs are photogenic; maybe just not pugs? Though I’m sure you just have to get the right angle and lighting 😉

    @Stalker: I do take allergy meds, but they’re over the counter (anything stronger makes me too drowsy to function) and they don’t battle the allergies too well when her fur is all over the bed 🙁

    @Erica: Yikes! So we’ve solved the problem of her going number 1 all over the place – the spray that I’ve bought works wonders but it doesn’t seem to work so well for her going number 2 everywhere 🙁 She’s gone in two different places in the basement since we’ve let her out.

    @Luxor: That’s because you are such a posh little kitty, I’m sure you are such a dream to look after!

    @Monique: My love for her is real… what can I say? She’s not just a pet to me, she really is ‘my baby’. God I’d make a horrible mother. LOL

    @MikeC: Thanks 🙂 It’s definitely one of my favourites!

    @Haley: The thought of having to get rid of her was really killing me inside, I’d rather spend money on so much more than get rid of her!! Glad you’re not allergic to dogs though! I’d hate not to be able to have a pet (which I won’t get to do when I move in with *him*)

    @*lynne*: We’re not entirely sure it’s my cat. None of us have ever gotten tested to make sure that it’s her. I think there’s mould in the house that’s really causing our allergies but my parents don’t want to believe me. Even if it really is her, I think the mould in the house has made our allergies worse than they would’ve been if we didn’t have mould. You know? As for allergy meds, I take Chor-Tripolon ( because I found that no other over the counters would work for me. Give it a try before you spend money on prescription drugs (hope it’s available where you are).

    @Cecilia!!!! Welcome lovely! Thanks 🙂 No I haven’t, but I did see some shampoos today when I was trying to find more of the no-mark spray that I’m using that said it would decrease allergens. Will definitely give it a try – who knows bathing her might even get her to stop going to the loo everywhere! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Have you tried bathing the cat? Perhaps a weekly shampoo would stop some of the dander from escaping into your nose…

    Of course the cat should be old enough and dried thoroughly… and asking your vet is a good idea. There are even clothes sold now that are a dry shampoo… That might work too…

    Cute paw… =)

  5. awww that’s a bummer that your family has developed allergies… are you sure it’s as a result of the cat? I’m actually battling some sort of allergic reaction (hives, swelling of fingers, and once I looked like daffy duck because my upper lip swelled up so much!), we have yet to figure out the cause… it’s been going on for almost a month despite the claritin and zyrtec I’ve taken, I may just have to drag myself to an allergist to figure it out.

  6. She’s adorable! I love this photo. So happy you’re finding ways to resolve her issues. And I know all about living with allergies. My cat allergies are too severe to have a cat, but my dog allergies are mild enough that I can survive. I couldn’t even begin to imagine having to get rid of a pet because of allergies. It would be an extremely painful decision.

  7. What cute paws!
    When we got Max in January he was only semi-litter trained. He didn’t like where we had put his litter box and kept using a corner of the dining room. We moved the litter box there for a week or two until he got used to it and we’ve since moved it out of the dining room (yuck!)

  8. Why are cats so photogenic. I have a little dog that while super cute (he’s a pug) never really turns out great photographs. There must be something about cats that makes them look better in pictures.

  9. OOOOh that is awesome *hehe* and oh so cute.

    Personally I am normally a dog person but that picture is just so cuuuute.

    Tis a shame you can’t have her on your bed anymore. Perhaps a vet could give better advice on how to deal with pet alergies?

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