Flickr Friday: Serine and the Collar


I had a different picture initially picked out for today’s Flickr Friday, but I had popped by my parent’s house yesterday1 and I saw her for a few minutes and I missed her so that I decided I would post up this picture for your enjoyment, and mine.

This photo was taken close to when I was leaving to move to Ireland in July 2006. I had gotten a new camera, and was clicking like crazy. I got my beautiful little girl, in 2003 when I was still working at Ikea and my co-worker told me that his friend’s cat just gave birth to some kittens. He proceeded to tell me that his friend also said that if he doesn’t find adopters for these cats he’ll feed them his snakes as he already has 3 cats and can’t take care of 5 more. Needless to say I went to the friend’s house that night!

I walked in and there were two black cats and one white cat lounging around near the front door. Suddenly, I saw a grey blur whiz by us. Obvsiouly, I fell in love instantly with said blur. We chased her around the house for almost an hour before we caught her and I was able to bring her home in her little basket. I don’t have photos of her when she was younger up on flickr yet but they’ll get up there eventually. There’s more to Serine’s story but I’ll save that for another Flickr Friday.

I’m sure you all have pets, how did you fall in love with them?

  1. we‘re staying in an apartment while he’s here on holidays remember? []

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  1. @Judi: Welcome 🙂 and thank you! I wish I had a video of it, it was quite a funny sight since there were 3 of us and none of us could catch it!

  2. @Haley: Wait till you see her when she was just a teeny kitten. Then you’ll really see why I fell in love with her!

    @Pit: Thanks 🙂 WB!! I like to think she is. She knows when I’m awake even if the door is closed!!

  3. @Karen: I agree! Serine was such a cute and lively kitten and that’s why I wanted her instead of her brothers and sisters who were just laying around being cats. Serine plays fetch too!! Moe and Spunky sounds so lovely!!

    @Erica: Max is gorgeous! I don’t blame Mr. X for being like a worried dad!

    @Monia: Thanks 🙂 I can’t wait for the day I get to lay my hands on a digital SLR. Do you get to visit the kitty at your daughter’s??

    @Beamer: Thanks, I had considered photoshopping it a little before I posted it on flickr but I kind of like the shadow but you’re right it’s very dark. 🙂

    @C K: LOL You don’t know the half of it! If you don’t pet her in the right away, she’ll give you quite the scratching! LOL shame on you for poking it with a stick but I’m sorry to hear that it got you so bad when you were so young!

    @Elaine: Welcome! Luxor is a gorgeous kitty. I don’t blame you for falling in love with him.

    @Trench: I know right? Thanks! What happened to patches?

    @Monique: Awhh what happened?

    @Darwin: Welcome! Thanks, can you almost feel how soft her fur is? She’s super soft!

  4. She looks kind of fierce doesn’t she? It’s like as if she’ll pounce the very next moment.

    Sorry, but I’ve got a phobia of cats. Was scratched badly by one when I was seven…. well, I did poked it with a stick though… :p

  5. I fell in love with my first cat, Moe when I visited the Parma Animal Shelter. He was such a big cat curled up in that cage and had been there a long time. I’d go every week to visit him. I felt bad that no one adopted him and he was estimated to be 8 years old. I finally adopted him, I couldn’t resist any longer.

    With Spunky, she was just a kitten born to a stray at my dad’s. All her brothers and sisters were taken into homes and she was the last one. She was so cute, I couldn’t bear to think of her making it through a Cleveland winter with no home so I brought her in, even though Moe didn’t like it. He finally came around and accepted her though. Who could resist such a cute, lively kitten?

    Karen, author of “My Funny Dad, Harry”s latest..What Does Your Wedding Dress Say About You?

  6. oh my gosh she’s beautiful!!!
    I loved Max right away! We saved him from becoming a barn cat (which isn’t so bad, but it can get dangerous). I thought it would take D longer to warm up to him but he was like a worried dad from the first night on. He’s our fur-baby!

    Ericas latest..Surprises!

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