Flickr Friday: Sweet Memories

The summer after he left for home1 and shattered my heart into a million pieces, he came back for a three week holiday before starting his long contract to train to be what he is now2. I remember the day I found out he was in town…

I was working at the same summer job we had met at, a cruise had just finished and I was conducting my managerial duties in my office on the boat. Once I was done reconciling, I went upstairs to do a final read on the register and to offer the staff their ‘crew beers’3. As I was grabbing the Chef’s beer, one of the galley4 guys, Brody5, tells me to bring a ‘next one’ to the guy down in the galley with George5. I agrued with him for a little bit, asking who this guy was and etc. All he could tell me was, ‘the guy with the long hair wearing a white hat’. I was livid. I thought it was a cook from another boat who had come to chat with George.

You see if it was George who wanted me to bring the beer Brody would have mentioned that George said so, but he didn’t. Since I wanted to get the boat locked up and get to the bar already, I didn’t argue. I locked the beer fridge back up and stormed off towards the galley just as he came strolling up the stairs. I thought I was dreaming! I nearly dropped the bottles of beer in my hand6. He grabbed me in a giant bear hug and it was all I could do to keep from crying.

It was a bit of a weird summer since he convinced me it was better to break up when he moved back home; we had a fling anway and had a great three weeks together. A friend of mine was still working at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, so we were able to get a good deal on a room. The day we checked into the hotel, we rented a little F-13 and took it around the harbour as the sun set. The photo above is one of many that I took during that ride and this one in particular is one of my favourites.

It may not be Hong Kong’s skyline7, but I like it. Do you?

  1. Dublin[]
  2. sorry, but its not for me to say![]
  3. since I knew they’d be done cleaning up and resetting the boat by then[]
  4. kitchen[]
  5. name has been changed to protect the innocent[][]
  6. I think Chef George saved them[]
  7. its meant to be the best skyline in the world[]

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  1. That’s a beautiful shot. Your romance is like a rollercoaster! You should write a book. I suppose that’s what the blogging is for though.

    Ayprels latest..Sorority

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