Flickr Friday: The end is near

Sun, lake and broken trees

No silly, not the end of the world. But the end of summer, anyway. This photo was taken in the summer of 2006, a few days before I was leaving my parents to follow my heart1. There’s an area in Toronto called Leslie Pitt, and it’s where my parents like to go cycling. They used to go cycling every weekend before my Mum had an operation on her knee. As a ‘you’re leaving us soon’ favour to my Dad I agreed to go with them. Naturally, I had the time of my life as I got to enjoy a beautiful area and go to take beautiful photos like this. There are many more in this set, but I didn’t upload all of them to flickr because they featured close ups of my parents.

I like this photo not just because it’s a nice sunset picture, but because it’ll forever remind me of that first summer I realised that I actually enjoy spending time with my parents. I think maybe this was one of the first days that we did something as three adults and it may have forever shaped the way our relationship developed once I returned home from living abroad.

Do you have a good relationship with your parents? When did you first realise you liked them as people, and not just as your parents?

  1. evidently, my heart was in Ireland []

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  1. @mspennylane: It’s funny, after the ‘summer’ I experienced in Ireland last year (52 consecutive days of rain thank you very much) this summer was amazing in Toronto even though everyone complained that we got way too much rain. I’m the same with my brother; he rarely likes to hang out with my parents but he’s 6 years younger than me so there’s still a lot to learn! LOL

    @beeker: {{{{{hugs}}}}} I’m sorry to hear that, I hope there is someone that you know who has been like a mother to you? Because you definitely deserve someone who takes care of you like only a Mother does! Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

    @trench: LOL Yeah, it does wonders doesn’t it? I think that my moving to Ireland and having to do everything for myself really opened my eyes to a LOT of things, for sure!

  2. I never realized how important my parents were to me until AFTER I left home. My relationship with my mom was horrible when i lived with her. Today, I think my relationship with my mom and dad has been the closest I’ve ever had. Its amazing how a simple thing as starting life on your own can make you realize how much you miss someone.

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  3. My mother and I have an okay relationship. She is more of a child than I am, so I tend to serve the role of caretaker. I don’t know my biological father. I don’t really see myself being friends with my mom.

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  4. Lovely picture. You’re lucky you still have a bit of summer left, it never really started here! As for my parents, I do a lot with them. My life living at home with them isn’t like it used to be and I find I have a lot of free time to spend with them, and less friends around who I can spend time with. We often go to lunch, visit places etc. My brother doesn’t usually come, but I really think he misses out!

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  5. @diane: Welcome! It is wonderful; I’m not regretful of my teenage years though I think it’s made both my parents and I more appreciative of the relationship we have now. I’m so happy for you and your (what sounds like a) wonderful family πŸ™‚

    @Karen: Awh I’m sorry you miss them so much. I’m grateful I’m getting to spend time with them even though I know it’s going to make missing them so much more painful.

    @Lisa: hehe I was a horrible spoiled brat when I was a teen so it’s only been the last year or so for me! lol

    @Erica: Hehe I was wondering if anyone would notice the CN tower peeking through there. Yes, your Mum is tres cool. And re: your phone calls… should I start calling you bridezilla? LOL

  6. Thankfully I’ve had a great relationship with my parents for most of my life… but they are more like “adult friends” now that I’m married… back when I got engaged I guess, almost three years ago now πŸ™‚

    ps is it Leslie Pitt or Spit? I just found that place this summer and it’s a beautiful place to visit!

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  7. You and your parents.

    I enjoyed to read what you wrote about your relationship with your parents.

    It is all good

    I am now a grandmother. Oldest of my grandchildren almost, 13.
    It is as well quite a special relationship.

    I feel at times quite rich, the care and love shown to me by my children, now grown, and grandchildren.

    Came across your blog, through my daughter, Laura.

    She was showing me the pond photos.

    Enjoy your life, and always be proud of what you do.

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