For Chris Levoir

The Mark Inside at the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom | NXNE 2012I had put you away in a box, though I was sure I’d see you again.

I’ve only known you for a little over a year but the moments we shared meant more to me than I ever cared to let you, or anyone else1 know. I liked that you called me, ‘lady’2. It was so rock and roll. You were so rock and roll, but so down to earth at the same time. You were the perfect balance of both. I would have loved you forever if you had asked me to. There’s a part of my heart that always will. Especially now that I never got to tell you just how wonderful you are. And how wonderful you made me feel the few moments we got to share (on or offline).

I remember going to your gig at El Mocambo after watching another band’s cd release party. I got there just after the last band’s set had finished, you told me when I came to say hello to you. You bought me a drink, or a shot; or both, I can’t remember now. Conversation was easy between us. Soon though, you had to get on stage. I stood near the front, stage left. I watched you do what you did best, rock out. We talked about getting drinks together some time, as I was saying my goodbyes. One day we got our chance…

It was a great first date and you were the gentlest man to have ever rocked my world at the time. I remember thinking that you had the softest skin. That your lips were softer than I had imagined them to be. That your touch was electric. You spoke to me in the deepest bass voice I’ve ever heard; it was a delight to listen in the state of mind I was in when I was with you. You had the most innocent, caring face. You smiled with your eyes, though your smile3 alone would have melted anyone’s heart.

I didn’t know you that well; I loved you all the same. I’m sad I’ll never get to see you again. I was hoping that at the very least we’d stay friends for a very long time, and I’d get to meet your beautiful children; that I’d get to watch you grow old and exceed all our expectations of you. You were great because you just loved. You loved the things that mattered to you, and they loved you right back.


The Mark Inside, at Sofar Sounds on August 16, 2011.

This week at the Great Hall just isn’t going to be the same without him there. I miss him. I know I’m not the only one who does, but I needed to say it out loud here. Judging from outpouring of love all over various media, I know I am not alone in that need either. We’re all in agreement:

He was kind of a big deal4.

  1. including myself []
  2. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one []
  3. more of a smirk, really []
  4. I would say, he still is []

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