For the love of fiction

As I get older, my life becomes more complicated1 and I’m finding more and more that I love fiction. Movies, books, theatre… anything entertainment really. I’d be okay with watching a true story as well… but I prefer fiction. Mostly because it has a greater ability to take me away from myself and allow me to get lost in someone else’s world.

My world is not horrible, in fact some would say I have been quite lucky… but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a need to escape every now and then. Though lately, I seem to want to escape more and more. I keep wanting to watch every movie they put out there and sometimes, when I love the movie so much I’ll read the book afterwards2.

For example, The Notebook, is one of my favourite love stories as tragic as it can be. And because I love this movie so much a while ago, I decided to read the book. I’m so happy that I read it but it got hard to read it at work on my lunch breaks. My eyes well up with tears way too often. The words written and the emotions conveyed by Nicholas Sparks awakens something inside me… and I feel so alive with painful joy3 every time I read this book.

There are some instances where I would be more inclined to watch or read something because simply its a true story but this only occurs when its something that I don’t usually care for4. But for the most part, I will usually prefer to watch fiction over a true story. Of course, that doesn’t mean that true stories don’t interest me but I just have that preference5.

What do you prefer? Fact or fiction?

  1. as expected []
  2. I blame this on being a visual person []
  3. if you’ll allow me that contradiction []
  4. politics, war… []
  5. this does however mean that I can’t stand “reality” TV []

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  1. @cade: Thank you so much for the compliment. It means so much that people like to read what I write when all I do is just write what I want to write.

    @Leah: This comment really made me love you so… 🙂

    @Leonard: hehe so I guess your vote is for fiction then? I don’t know too many action movies that are true stories hehe.

    @Veronica: Agreed!

    @trench: Wow, those are some serious fantasy authors… right? hehe 🙂

    @Erin: So true 🙂

    @Micaela: ooh.. for the most part.. don’t leave me hanging!!

  2. I’m all about reality! I prefer documentaries, biographies, reality tv to anything fiction.For the most part.

  3. I prefer fiction. It just takes you into a totally different realm. I eat up fantasy novels from J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman
    and George R.R. Martin. Staples in my reading. I do like the occasional “realistic” books, but they have to have a fictional element in it.

  4. Sorry girls but being a guy I can’t help but love a good action movie. You know, hack slash off with his head, the hero always gets the girl and they ride off into the sunset. Sigh, it always brings a tear to my eye ( the gore I mean ):) One of my favorite movies of all time is Shrek. Ugly bull in a china shop guy, meets beautiful princess and makes good. Aint it wonderful?

  5. Fiction, always. I especially love books about witches. Weird, I know. But I think it is because I was a witch doctor in a previous life. Fo real.

    I love books so powerful they make me cry. I love reading the same paragraph over and over until it is engrained in my brain. I love reading a book over and over andconnecting with a different part of it each time it is read.

    I just love books, period.

  6. I enjoy reading biographies because it allows me to see my life in theirs and to understand why people do things. I enjoy almost any movies and enjoy seeing fiction movies for the escape factor. I do not like reality TV either because it is actually not reality.

    I do enjoy your heartfelt blog and just the way you share yourself.


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