From my New York travels diary (no.2)

Harbour BoysAs I continue to write this list a part of me is glad that I don’t have my laptop with me because I have yet to buy a new battery since my original battery doesn’t hold a charge that lasts longer than 10 minutes (on a good day). Of course there’ll always be that part of me that will always prefer to have my laptop with me at all times so I can check emails, blog, and read other’s blogs. But it was great being able to get some thoughts down to paper.

New digs for ShiobhanSomething can really be said for good ol’ Pen & Paper and your own handwriting. However ugly from the road’s rocky-smoothness guiding your hand in directions it doesn’t want to go. In fact it seems the more the world seems to spin towards the electronic word, the more I seem to want to be able to sit down and write things down the old fashioned way.

I would hate to see a world where no one wrote anything by hand anymore.  Our handwrtiing style says so much about who we are, who would be become if we stopped handwriting?

Unrelated announcement: There’s a (long, drawn out) contest featured in my last post. Check out the comments to see how to enter.

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  2. Jazz – There’s just something soothing about writing while you’re in a moving vehicle isn’t it?

    Manilenya – Awh, with a little practice I’m sure you could get to writing better and faster?

  3. Try finding a Canadian seller… eBay is worldwide. Yup, no problems with the battery.

    By the way, you’ve been tagged!

    Michaels last blog post..7 Facts About Me

  4. I envy those people that can write with their hands and paper, I can’t do that 🙁

    The last time I tried that, I can’t find a word to write, when my mind is already running, it is my hand that cannot work anymore. That says that I can’t live without my laptop.

  5. I love my laptop, but nothing can beat writing things down with pen and paper. Whenever I travel I keep a travel diary 😉

  6. Chris – I only went for 3 days and I have so much to write about! I can only imagine how much reading you have to do! Looking forward to it though!

    Michael – And you haven’t had any problems with it? Also, one other issue I have with ebay is it’s rare for me to find someone who lives in Canada that’s selling and most Americans rip me off with S&H. I’ve had to pay more for S&H from the U.S. that England more times than not! Even if I ask for something to be shipping via regular post and not express. How ridiculous is that?

    Monique – I agree! I have these friends who are backpacking through South East Asia at the moment and I’ve asked them to pick up one postcard from all the places they’ve visited. Though I told them not to post them and just bring it back with them instead because I don’t want to risk having the various mail systems eat it up!

  7. The world would so suck if people stopped writing things down.

    I really enjoying writing handwritten letters, and postcards. I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

    Moniques last blog post..Does This Mean I Have A Life?

  8. Going to keep reading up on this! I have about 20 drafts for my vacation in que. Still working on my DC trip! haha..

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