Green Tea & the diet

Its a bit of a cliché to be blogging about dieting in January, sure, but I need to do this. For those of you who don’t know, I am of Asian descent – I’m half Filipino & half Chinese. What this means1 is that I eat a lot of rice. And before I turned 25, it didn’t matter how much rice I ate – I didn’t gain much weight. Sure, I’d gain a few pounds here or there, but nothing compared to the 10lbs I gained2 after I hit the quarter-life mark.

I’m not getting married anytime soon3, and if I do get married I don’t want to be overweight in my wedding photos so as much as possible I’d like to stay as svelte as possible4. With my hatred for exercise it grew increasingly difficult to keep my weight down. One day, he introduced me to the ‘diet’, after he had already lost almost 30lbs on it.

I was reluctant to start the diet because I know how easily a diet can fail, but its proving to be quite an easy diet to follow because it still allows me to indulge myself in sweets if I so choose. In fact, I still eat popeye’s chicken for dinner with my parents. The difference is that instead of eating fries, I’ll eat a freshly cut salad without dressing5 instead. Because I haven’t followed the diet as religiously as he has, I haven’t lost as much weight6. I lost a modest 8lbs in 1 and half weeks before I went on holidays. I gained a pound while I was on holidays7 but I’ve already lost it and another half a pound on top of that8.

So what’s the deal? What is this magic formula that has resulted in all this weight loss? Its not rocket science, I’ll tell you that now. I also need to tell you that this was not my creation, its a diet given to a friend of his by a chef9. If you want to know who is responsible for this diet, you can email me at reggysy [at] yahoo [dot] ca and I’ll tell you.

  1. 8:00 a.m. – 1 bowl10 of hot quick oats. No sugar/sweetner of any kind11.
  2. 10:00 a.m. – 1 whole fresh fruit.
  3. 12:00 p.m. – 4-6oz protein12 with field greens and side veggies.
  4. 2:00 p.m. – 1 whole vegetable13.
  5. 6:00 p.m. – 4-6 oz protein14 with side salad and grilled greens. Remember, no cream based sauces.
  6. 10:00 p.m. – 1 bowl15 of mixed berries. This is an important step in the diet as it will help you detox.

Some helpful tips:

  • Water: If you’re hungry throughout the day, drink loads of water. You’re supposed to have eight 8oz glasses a day. Or drink low-fat milk.
  • Dressings & sauces: The diet says to avoid all cream based sauces but I try and avoid dressings and sauces in general. If I really need to, I’ll use fresh lime & fresh cracked pepper.
  • Sides: I don’t like the idea of having double veg sides in my meals so if I’m having salad I usually won’t have steamed veggies as well.
  • Oatmeal: I actually mix one tablespoon of flavoured quick oats with two table spoons of regular quick oats and its still fine. I find without this, the oatmeal is too salty to taste because our milk isn’t creamy enough.
  • Timing: The times listed above are a guideline, you can create your own timeline that fits your schedule. For example, my dad looks more like this: 8:30am, 11:00am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm and 10:00pm. The only reason I follow the 10pm guideline is so I can be in bed by 11pm.

Some answers to questions you may have:

  1. Are you hungry16? Not more than I was before I started the diet.
  2. Do you snack? I snack constantly, but instead of snacking on chips I’ll snack on popcorn17 or vegetable sticks or if I really feel like chips, I’ll snack on wheat crackers.
  3. Do you eat chocolate? I have, but as I’ve mentioned I don’t have that much weight to lose to get to my ‘ideal’ weight so I wouldn’t suggest doing this until you’ve reached a good milestone. Also, I am able to limit myself to one or two and don’t need to eat a box or a bar of chocolates in one sitting so this probably helps me in not gaining weight through ‘sweets’.
  4. You haven’t talked about green tea?! I almost forgot; because the diet is pretty much trying to get you to cut out all the fat & bad carbohydrates out of your diet I decided to cut out coffee18 and invested in a good tea pot and some amazing green tea leaves. I’m awake and I don’t feel nauseated after my morning beverage anymore. Plus, green tea has been known to help you lose weight. I think its because it helps improve your digestion, but he disagrees. All I know is, it makes me feel so good.

Now, I’m not saying you should all go on this diet. I’m just sharing some information that I hope will be useful to you. The most important thing is to know your body, and to know what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t know that, no diet can ever help you lose weight.

Would you try this diet or have you tried it already? What do you think?

  1. at least in terms of diet []
  2. in 8 months []
  3. This line is for you, trench []
  4. Of course, there are always health-related reasons to stay a healthy weight, but vanity is so much more powerful isn’t it? []
  5. or with lime juice & fresh cracked pepper []
  6. besides, if I did people would mistake me for having an eating disorder []
  7. as you do when indulging in ‘holiday’ food & drink []
  8. Despite indulging on all the chocolates I got for Christmas []
  9. and if you don’t know, Chef’s can be quite protective of their work []
  10. cup []
  11. This is meant to be your ONLY source of carbs for the day []
  12. grilled fish or chicken or 2 hard bioled eggs []
  13. sliced carrot sticks, celery, peppers []
  14. grilled fish or chicken []
  15. cup []
  16. as in all the time []
  17. lightly buttered, and mini-bag versions only []
  18. there were financial reasons for doing this as well []

responses to “Green Tea & the diet” 18

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  2. @Penny: hehe thanks for being such a dedicated reader 🙂 you’re the best. And yes, its easier this way!

    @Beeker: How are you dear? Glad to hear you’re on a similar plan – I wish you all the best!

    @erin: Thanks! It is quite hard. So far I don’t miss rice, but I do miss pizza and pasta. lol

    @trench: its not so much the oatmeal though – but the milk. Pretty sure I can’t send you any of that!

    @Ken: Patience? It takes 2 mins in the microwave! lol I can’t wait to hear about this…

  3. Congrats on your weight loss. That is quite a bit in a short period of time! Especially since you don’t have much to lose. I think the last 5-10 pounds are always the hardest. My body always seems to resist it!

    erins latest..I am motivated

  4. I have been following a similar plan myself. I still have to have bits of dark chocolate every now and then. I also live for decaf/unsweetened tea.

  5. Hehe well I really wanted to catch up with what’s going on with you! That’s cool you can still eat with your family. And it seems great the way you are doing it, not having to lose the weight super fast and still enjoying food!

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

  6. @Bitter Chocolate: That’s very realistic of you. I think its a good approach to exercise. I wish you all the best with it! Also, good point with the sweets – I’m the same, now that you mention it!

    @trench: I LOVE dark chocolate and always prefer to bake with it as well. As for oatmeal, its funny but it tastes delicious in Ireland – even without sugar. Over here its too salty because our milk isn’t creamy enough, so I always have to have bananas with my oatmeal.

    @Web-Betty: There’s no way for you to convince them to start eating salads/more veggies?? You could play the, “It would really help me out” card? Maybe? No?

    @Monica!!! I’ve missed you too! Where have you been??!!

    @Lyndi: Yes, I plan to. But I’m hoping to only do one upate a month. Otherwise I might get sick of talking about diets and what not. hehe re: Oats – fruit really does wonders. Pears are nice too if you get sick of banana. Oh yeah, the bf doesn’t like oats either… so he eats Wheatabix and he says it works just as well!

    @Penny: You’re awesome – can’t believe you read all that so fast!! Yes, I still eat meals with my family. I actually still eat a lot of the stirfrys that my Mum cooks but instead of rice I’ll eat steamed veggies instead (that’s another reason I’m not losing weight as fast – she has to use some oil for the stirfrys. But if I can still lose weight on it, its a great diet, no?)

    @Erica: Ever since I started, my day isn’t quite right until I have my oats in the morning. Every now and then I’ll crave some bread so I have a crunchy peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat. Which ALSO goes well with Banana!

    @AmeriGlide: The key to the 2hr intervals though is keeping portion sizes down. I think anyone who starts this diet may feel hungry for the first week or so but the stomach shrinks quite quickly. And once you get used to the amount that’s actually good for your body, you’ll never be hungry again!

    Oh Pasta… that is a weakness of mine. I crave it every so often. But I stick to having it at lunch and eat fruit for breakfast if I know I’m having pasta for lunch.

  7. I think that looks like a pretty good diet. By eating at two hour intervals like that, I bet you don’t get hungry as much either.

    However, like trench, I have to have a load of sugar with my quaker oats. Either that add some fruit to it.

    I am Italian, so instead of rice, I eat a lot of pasta.

  8. This is a great diet and although I need to gain weight rather than lose, I’m going to try to implement part of it – in particular the oats in the morning (which I have actually been craving!)

    Ericas latest..100 Things About Leah

  9. It sounds really good. Do you still eat meals with your family? Hope it continues to go well! I think I have finally caught up with everything hehe – will take me a while to catch my blog up :S

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

  10. The diet sounds pretty simple and not too difficult to stick to. That quick oats without sugar is however another story, I would rather just miss that part of the list. Please keep us up to date so we all can see if the diet works well. You can be the guinea pig.

    Lyndis latest..Free WordPress Themes and their users

  11. I’m on my own weight loss quest and this sounds like something I may have to think about. My big challenge is that I have 3 guys in my house to feed who aren’t trying to lose weight. I barely have time to make regular meals–I don’t know if I can squeeze in special meals for me. 🙂

    Web-Bettys latest..Reading is FUN-damental

  12. I lost 40 pounds almost exclusively this way except that I ate much more lean proteins since I’m into bodybuilding and wanted to maintain muscle mass. Good Job Reg. I eat dark chocolate to satisfy my cravings. 😉

    trenchs latest..Babylon A.D. (DVD)

  13. Tea’s always good, and it can surpress hunger a bit. You asked if I’ve been to the gym since friday, nope because a) I’ve only stopped feeling sore today lol but mainly because b)I don’t believe it’s realistic to go straight from a slug to a gym rat, you’re more likely to get injured like that rather than becoming fit 🙂 My goal for January is to go to the gym once a week and perhaps start going twice a week in February and maybe increase the frequency later on. I know it’s slow, but I think it’s more maintainable if I don’t jump into it frantically, excercise like a maniac and quit after a week or two 🙂 The odd thing is that I’ve actually lost weight during Christmas, I had some exams before so I lost some because of stress and it’s never packed on during the holidays. Though I never really put on weigth at Christmas, I usually stuff myself for about two days which works more like a metabolism boost lol and then I’m mostly sick of all the cookies at the mere sight of them, so I tend to eat less during the holidays 🙂

    Bitter Chocolates latest..horoscopes

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