Happy New Year!

I’m sure everyone is going to be posting about the New Year today, but let’s face it. Its what is relevant right now. After careful consideration of many factors1 I decided on the following resolutions for 2009:

  • Diet: I hope to keep up the diet that I started at the beginning of December. So far I’ve lost 8lbs in 4 weeks, and I would like to lost another 8 so that I can get to the middle of the ideal weight range for my height and age.
  • Exercise: I also hope to become more active by either joining a badminton or volleyball club, going for more walks, or even just help my Mum clean around the house – now there is a workout! Of course, I hope to continue to go rock-climbing in 2009, but I’ve come to realise that its hard to expect to be able to go every week so I need to look for alternatives.
  • Money: I hope to2 pay off at least 40% of my debt by the end of the year; this was one of my resolutions last year and I managed to pay off 10% off of my PLC3 but when Christmas rolled around, that quickly vanished. But next year, thanks to A & *him* for advice, I have an actual plan for paying it off: pay more than the minimum payment! Who knew?!4
  • Friends: I need to keep in better touch with people; I’m so very bad at keeping in touch with people who are in the same city as me but I’m great at keeping in touch with people who live thousands of miles away because they’re on the internet. What a joke!
  • Blogging: I need to manage my blogging time better so that I can stop blogging at work! This is probably going to be the hardest habit to break as it has become just that, a habit. It doesn’t help when its not busy at work but I’m sure I could find something to do5 if I actually tried to find something to do. I used to be a huge advocate of the mentality that There is always something to do, yet there I was dilly-dallying everyday.

I know it seems like quite a lot, and that you’re meant to limit your resolutions so that you’re not overwhelmed with trying to keep all of them. But some of them are related to each other so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep all five.

Are you making any resolutions for 2009?

  1. such as some advice from *him*, my friend A, and the state of my bank account balance []
  2. seriously []
  3. Personal Line of Credit []
  4. Shadap, I know I’m not smart with money – but at least I’m trying! []
  5. that was work related []

responses to “Happy New Year!” 13

  1. I hope your resolutions are going well. They sound well thought-out to me!
    PS. Yay finally catching up with everything hehe – maybe I’ll also catch up with new year and work out my own resolutions?!

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

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  3. I don’t think blogging at work is so bad. Sometimes I am able to, but most of the time not so much. It’s because I’m really busy at the nursing home with clients. There are many people I help … 108 people or so. I’m charting all day, visiting residents, etc.

  4. MAybe my resolution is to meet up with a Calgary blogger! I am so jealous you got to meet my sister and Canucklehead. I want a blogger meet-up to happen this year, and I need more friends here than just one anyways.

    Leahs latest..Five Years, One Post

  5. Happy New Year to you! I too want to lose some weight. I always manage to lose weight in the beginning of the year each year, then by the end of the year, I always gain it all back. Very annoying. >:-(

    Caroles latest.."The House of Weather Stations"

  6. @Ken: LOL Ok so I’ll try and remember to ask you whether you managed to keep any of these ‘secret’ resolutions in Dec 2009!

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