I can take it, trust me.

A lot of people are afraid. They’re so afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings that they never stop to think that they might be helping that person by telling them the truth.

I’m taking a break from breast cancer awareness to talk about something that has affected me since I was able to make friends1.

I’m a very understanding person; provided you give me something to understand. If not I’m not going to assume things for you. If someone doesn’t want to be my friend, I think they should just tell me. I don’t think they should pretend to be my friend when it suits them and then ignore me when I try and make contact.

I will admit I’m horrible at keeping in touch and I shouldn’t expect to be able to talk to someone whenever it tickles my fancy. But replying to an email is not that difficult, even if I haven’t called in months. Besides, why should I be the only one to call – its not like they’ve made any effort! I’ve left hundreds of combined voicemail, email and facebook messages for them and its more than what they’ve done. I think I at least deserve an answer when I ask you whether the reason you aren’t coming to a party I’m hosting is the distance.

I’m sure there’s something that irks me more than being ignored, but not at this very moment. And maybe I’m over-reacting and they’ll get around to responding to me eventually but they were quick enough to decline the invitation online; I was hoping for similar speed in a response. Maybe it’ll be easier if people know that I can take ‘rejection’ as long as you’re not crass about it. You can tell me you don’t want to be my friend, just don’t tell me you think I smell like puke2.

I don’t believe that everyone should be best friends with each other, but I do believe that everyone deserves to know the truth.

What do you think?

  1. ok, maybe its not that early but you get my point right? []
  2. if I don’t, if I do then you can tell me that but that doesn’t happen… very often []

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  1. Greggy reads the above and looks over (figuratively) at Reggy and kinda purses his lips. Starts to say something and thinks twice about it. Bites his tongue and decides to move along! lol
    (Hey beautiful when’s your birthday the 4th or 7th of Nov? I’m almost positive it’s the 7th but I’d like a confirmation if you don’t mind. As always my it’s my intention to send you that electronic b-day card on time each year. Of course you know how intentions go .-)

    Greggys latest..This is gone..

  2. @Michael: LOL I’m sure…

    @trench: Yes, this is very true… I still wish I could delete my facebook account or at lest un-friend some people!

  3. @Peri: You’re probably right. Well, I’m not going to give them the satisfaction. =P

    @Michael: OMG YOu can see my area?! WTF? I don’t have a camera under my desk!? LOL I can’t see what you’re talking about. I don’t see anything red. Can you take a screenshot for me?

    EDITED: Micheal I saw what you were talking about when I got home. All fixed!!

    @mspennylane: You’re so right. But you can imagine how much worse I was at keeping in touch when the only methods at my disposal were snail mail and the phone!!

    @beeker: That’s a smart way of looking at things. It doesn’t help that I’m ‘friends’ with these people on facebook and I can see when things are going on. Things that remind me how much fun we had in Uni. But its not like it would be the same now anyway.

    @Stuart: I wish I could get rid of facebook! Because I moved from Dubai to Canada when I was 16/17 I have so many friends there and its the only way we keep in touch. I would un-friend some people but I think that’s mean!

    @trench: Its ok. I don’t think you’re being sexist 😛 Its not so much them not calling but they’ve already made the effort to decline – there’s a message box right in the invite message, the least they could’ve done is said – sorry, I’m working or anything! *sigh*

  4. Im not trying to make this sound sexist, but it also seems that the ladies have a tougher times dealing with neglect, being ignored etc than men. My wife has these types of issues when her friends dont call and stuff and always complains to me about it.

    It doesn’t bother me at all. If they talk to me, thats cool, if not, then thats cool too.

    trenchs latest..Eagle Eye (Theaters)

  5. Heya Fragile,
    I do know what you mean, and I (hate to say it) but I have at one stage done the same thing (due to personal reasons).

    But in the end I always really come through and send an email. It is something I have had to work on a lot (and am a lot better at it now). And to be honest is one of the reasons I got rid of facebook, as I just did not have the time to converse about applications and fluffy imaginary characters that I could be feeding lol.

    Stuarts latest..What if Wednesday – No Language Barriers

  6. I decided a few years ago to stop being the one who makes all the effort. Everyone has times where you can’t keep up with everything, so if I don’t hear from a friend after a few weeks, I reach out to them. If they don’t respond then the ball is in their court. It is okay to out grow a friendship.

  7. I know what you mean, and I definitely agree that they should stop ignoring you. I have friends that do that, I am sick of making all of the effort to be honest. I hope that they dignify you with a response, I guess that is the problem with these modern ways of communicating – it is all too easy to ignore you or simply to reply that you are not attending an event without even speaking to the person.

    mspennylanes latest..My Daily Routine

  8. Indifference is far worse, in my opinion, than being ignored. I’ve had friends like that, meaning that they were close enough to hang out but they didn’t care for me.

    BTW, your content area is all red.

  9. They’re trying to get you pissed off enough to break the friendship with them so that they don’t need to do it themselves.

    Periapexs latest..A Cochrane Review: Single Vs Multi Visit Root Canal Treatment.

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