I can’t imagine her pain

I have no words that would fit. I’m sure you’ve seen this already but if you haven’t then please go see these pictures of a Mother’s journey through her son’s illness.

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  1. Yevka… I’ll check my feed settings again maybe I did something weird. Sorry you weren’t able to catch up tuloy.

    And yeah, commentluv is a plugin… it’s wonderful!! hehe

  2. i just saw these for the first time, and it’s so sad. 🙁 and amazing at the same time.

    OT: i’m back! 😀 hey you know while away in palawan, with no internet access, i relied on RSS feeds. and for some reason, your feed didn’t have any content. it only had the title. weird nga eh.

    OT uli: how did you do the “latest post” thingie? i’ve been trying to figure that one out when i saw it from other sites…

    yevka’s last blog post..Really Simple Syndication

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