In need of some time

I’ve been posting quite frequently lately, and I haven’t had any intention of slowing down but I’m finding myself frustrated at not being able to check off some items on my ‘to do list’ for my blog. I’ve been meaning to do a number of things for some time now. Since it would seem that posting my ‘to do list’ online works better than simply having it somewhere on my computer, I’m going to do just that.

In no particular order my ‘to do1 list’:

[  ] Create a more meaningful ‘elsewhere’ page2.
[x] Clean up any redundant/useless info on the sidebar.
[  ] Clean up my directories3.
[x] Move celebrity photos from my flickr account4.
[x] Change my theme5, preferably to something that doesn’t make my snazzy archives look like ass.
[x] Figure out how to make my headers change like 7milesdown6.
[x] Decide on pictures/images to use7.
[x] Come up with another weekly feature8.
[x] Optimize the blog so it loads faster9.
[  ] Install something like WordPress or Injader on my domain10.
[  ] Upload more of my11 work on to my portfolio.

Tasks will be moved from the above list to this secondary list once completed.
[x] Create a (useful) plugins page12 – created ‘Featuring’ Sun Sep 28.
[x] Update the ‘author’ page – cleaned up and added link to ‘Geek me up’ on Sun Sep 28.

I’m sure there’s more, but I started this post at noon on Saturday, and still haven’t been able to post it because I’ve been distracted by life.

Before i go I also just wanted to bring your attention to Michael’s new blog, please visit him over there and help him celebrate the move to .org.

What’s on your blogging to do list?

  1. for blog[]
  2. my blogroll is listed on this page[]
  3. move all pictures in one folder with categorized sub-folders, delete old school files, etc[]
  4. I know, flickr isn’t my blog but it still falls under this to do list[]
  5. !!!!!! It’s effing fall – this theme does not say fall![]
  6. I remember him talking about it and either downloading the thing I need or bookmarking it but haven’t done anything with it[]
  7. in the changing header image loop thingy[]
  8. like Monday Madness and Flickr Friday but one that isn’t a alliterated title. It seems to work well for my motivation[]
  9. and helps me earn more money so I can afford more geeky toys to help me blog/design better[]
  10. so I can manage my portfolio better[]
  11. artwork, poetry, school projects, design[]
  12. Also, research if it’s ‘plug-ins’ or ‘plugins’[]

responses to “In need of some time” 9

  1. If you need some help I’d be glad to help. I just like toying with this kind of stuff. Web stuff. When the boss lady isn’t looking I do web stuff.

  2. I’ve decided to move my blog Word Grrls to Injader on it’s own domain/ host. Might even get it started today. Would be fun if we are both doing it, trying Injader. Ben said he would help but I’m not the type to ask for help until I’m really frustrated. If you are setting up to change let me know, we could work on the glitches and tweaks together.

  3. @Talen: That’s awesome – a plugin is much easier to deal with! Thanks 🙂

    @trench: Your headers already kick mine out of the park!

    @mspennylane: No need to thank me for commenting, it’s my pleasure to do it! I’m hoping so too but it looks like this week is going to be pretty busy 🙁

    @Michael: anytime!

    @Mike: Thank doll, even though I’ll probably just use the plugin Talen linked to for now but I would want to learn the javascript in the future so it’ll work out well!

    @Laura: You snuck in there while I was replying to comments LOL. I would love that! I’m hoping to do it once it slows down at work which will hopefully be at the end of October 🙂 good luck with injader!

  4. Hey gal, that rotating headers thing is a pretty simple javascript. I used to run one just like it on a different site. If I can remember, I’ll see if I can track it down when I get home tonight. (No big promises, I’ve got a crap memory. Just ask all the people I’ve promised links to, or that I’m supposed to update things for.)

  5. Wow there’s so many things I want to do for my blog too! Returning all of my comments would be a start! Thanks for commenting btw. Anyway I hope you find the time to get some of this done, especially now you’ve posted it up for everyone to see 🙂

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