In the end, only kindness matters

The title of this post comes from lyrics from the song ‘Hands’ by Jewel.

I’ve been reading the Toronto Star’s Acts of Kindness for quite some time. I don’t read it every day but it’s always in the back of my mind. Some stories truly are heartwarming, whereas some stories remind me that people are very… different. Some tell tales of the sheer selflessness of others, where some only indicate to me how much we need to change the way we think.

One of my favourite psychological theories is that of the self-fulfilling prophecy; if we expect people to disappoint us – inevitably they will and alternatively if we expect them to wow us, they have a higher chance of doing so. Of course, simply expecting someone to be a certain way doesn’t guarantee the outcome… I’m not saying that at all.

I will always have a special place in my heart for the Acts of Kindness section of but I wish someone would edit the submissions so that comments like ‘restored my faith in humanity’ are eliminated. It depresses me to see such comments because it means that there is someone jaded enough out there who felt the need to point it out that before some good Samaritan returned their $60 at the bank1. I just feel it would have been a better story if there was no negativity attached whatsoever.

But I know I can’t tell someone how to talk, write or feel… I’m just hoping that putting this out there will help people understand that if we all just changed our thinking2 that maybe, just maybe, that’s all we’ll ever be. But you can’t expect… it shouldn’t be viewed as a right that everyone be kind to us.

Do you think if we just have faith in everyone else, and act accordingly ourselves, that the world really would be a better place?

  1. when they absent-mindedly left it at the ATM []
  2. that “everyone is evil”, to “everyone is kind” []

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  2. OMG I never heard of anyone else reading those Random acts of Kindness… I love them, they remind how great our society can actually be, despite what the rest of the paper says!
    .-= Walking on Sunshine´s last blog ..I Always Choose the Bad Boy =-.

  3. Problem is that it just takes one person to do something really bad to us to diminish our trust in people a bit. Enough bits of that and one becomes jaded.

    Being positive is the only way to live. Living positively attracts positive things to your life; but you still need to be careful and aware as Rudy says.
    .-= Periapex´s last blog ..The Harder They Come. =-.

  4. The world is a big place, and while it’s a noble thought to try to change it most of us will never get that chance. I think it’s important to try to influence the world directly around us. I have a general faith that people are good, and I do what I can to be one of those good people. If that inspires someone around me to try their hardest then we are all better for it.
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..A Vehicle Update =-.

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