Meet Mackenzie King

Last weekend, I met with up with an old friend1 of mine who was celebrating their successful entry into the Toronto Film School Film Festival. Actually, they didn’t seem that impressed with how they did but that’s not what this post is about.

I met a very talented couple comprised of a member of the band2, and an actress. Vanessa3 actually did the voice over for my friends’ movie. We hit it off and spent most of the night talking about anything and everything. A few glasses of wine in, Jon4 tells me about their gig on Wednesday night. I was really excited to go and I couldn’t wait to hear them.

I have since had to sign up for a myspace account, but that’s about the only downfall to this new connection. The trio that make up Mackenzie King are all extremely talented musicians and signers; Their lead singer, Al Mousseau, has a very unique quality to his voice and I was extremely impressed at his range. While I may not be a huge fan of rock5, I can still appreciate how great these guys are at what they do. Jon’s timing is impeccible, Al’s voice and bass handling are amazing and Michael’s fingers are ever nimble on his sexy guitar6… so if you haven’t already, check out Mackenzie King on myspace and tell your friends who can appreciate real musicians.

An interesting tidbit: They used to be known as the Ontario Power Generation, but got sued asked nicely7 by the Ontario Power Generation so they renamed it Mackenzie King8.

Please give them a listen and let me know what you think, my favourite song of theirs is “Pretty”.

  1. a very dear friend[]
  2. Mackenzie King[]
  3. name has been changed to protect the innocent[]
  4. name has *not* been changed because you’ll see his name on the myspace page anyway[]
  5. I prefer easy rock[]
  6. can you tell I like guitarists?[]
  7. thanks to Chuck Pautler for the correction[]
  8. Prime Minister of Canada in the 20’s[]

responses to “Meet Mackenzie King” 4

  1. We’re rock fans too and we like their music. On your tidbit, we didn’t sue them, we just asked them find another name as ours was already taken. We like their new name.

  2. @Ayprel: It was quite nice. I hope to get to see them again soon but their next gig is on a Wednesday night at midnight. 🙁

    @Drolgerg: Glad you like them. Wish you lived in Toronto though so I could take you to see them!

    @Chuck Pautler: Thank you so much for correcting me, I’ve updated the post 🙂 Glad to see you around!

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