Monday Madness: A mixed bag

I have a whole bunch of quizzes sitting in my google notebook, that have been waiting to see the light of day for a while now. Every time I think I don’t have anything to post for Monday Madness, I get tagged for a meme or as is the case this week, get given an award. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining in the least!

That brings us to the first item in this week’s Mixed bag Monday Madness. I got some loving from our beloved greek-bacon-loving-canadian-beer-drinking-dude Canucklehead. And even though I have received this award before, its different this time because it came with some Canucklehead love1.

This is actually the 2nd award I have received from Linc2, the first being the ever coveted Honorary Canucklehead award. And I’m so honoured because he chose me over Bad Evan. Bad Evan! Needless to say Evan wasn’t very happy about it and the whole twitterverse heard about it. Of course, eager to please, Canucklehead quickly awarded him with the The All-New ‘Meh’ Award!

He says he passed it on to me because he thinks I’m an absolute whiz when it comes to all things internet3. Also, that I accomplish more than he does in a week… except that he raises two adorable boys everyday and all I’ve done is barely house train a cat. He did also say that I am a deeply caring person4 to which I would just like to say ‘awh shucks, thanks Linc… you make it easy for me to care about you!’

I suppose I have to pass it on to 7 people before the roof comes crashing down on me, and my car get stolen and the love of my life leaves me forever. Though since I still have more to write, I’m not going to write a long list of reasons as to why I’m passing it on to these people. But I will say this, I mean it… I love your blog!

Laura of That, B of Dreaming in the Dark, Penny of Marmalade skies, Evan of Bad Evan’s Gay Blog, Monica of Oh Fer Cryin’ Out Loud, Lyndi of Nice2All5, and last but not least Haley of The Beacon: A journal.

Now before anyone feels bad, I would have given this award to everyone in my favourites but I did use some discretion in choosing people… for example, I didn’t think that Gary of impNerd would want to post about such things on his blog, nor would Jack of Room 237: Origins. You know? So anyway… on with the show.

In6 keeping with the idea of going Pink for October, I thought I would post this fun quiz I found as I was stumbling around the interwebs:

I named 14 organs in 4 minutes!

Please do take the quiz and let me know how you did!

  1. and that’s like a side of bacon = extra special[]
  2. aka Canuckledhead[]
  3. HAH – I fooled him didn’t I?[]
  4. and if you all believe him, then I have you all fooled as well and my plan is working muahahahahaha[]
  5. Actually, I’m not sure she’ll want to blog about this but I’m giving her the award anyway hehe[]
  6. an attempt at[]

responses to “Monday Madness: A mixed bag” 24

  1. ^ Knife through ’em, or perhaps that Tell Tale Heart…… buried under my floorboard and still beating. 😀 Haha

    Jacks latest..Silent Hill 5: Nevercoming

  2. Wow, was I stoned Monday or am I just completely brain dead? I read this when it was posted and swear I never even saw my name in here the first time, LOL.

    And no hard feelings. I understand the discretion, and in the case of my site, totally agree. It just wouldn’t go with the whole Jack the Ripper thing I’m trying to pull off this month – haha 😀

    Thanks for the mention, and sorry I didn’t comment sooner. I usually come back to posts a couple times, just out of curiosity for what other people are commenting – even if I haven’t yet. Glad I did! lol

    Jacks latest..Silent Hill 5: Nevercoming

  3. @Jack: LOL It’s ok 😉 you know what they say, better late than never. hehehe I’m just kidding. Glad I was right about the site thing. Hearts don’t really say ‘Kill’ do they? (Unless they have a knife through them of course – hehe). You’re very welcome for the mention and I’m glad you came back too! lol

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