Monday Madness: October Top Visitors

So its November already huh? October seemed to take a little bit longer to finish up, but once it did it sure finished with a bang1! Anyway, enough rambling… on with the winners!

Trench of 7milesdown is this month’s top commenter with 31 comments! Trailed closely by Penny of Marmalade Skies with 27 comments. And they were both on my top droppers list. I love yas!

Ah, here’s another great bunch, Michael of MIchael’s So-Called Life was my 3rd top commenter with 16 comments, followed by my dear Haley of The Beacon with 13, and tied in 5th place are two talented writers2 Jack of Room 237: Origins and Ken of Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff with 10 comments each. And you’ve guessed it, these guys were also in my top droppers list!

Some more pretty faces over here, Ate Maeyo of Maeyonnaise left 8 wonderful comments last month, B of Dreaming in the Dark, and Debbie of Wisdom Hypnosis and Gary of impNerd are all tied with 6 comments each – rounding off my top 10 commenters last month. Thanks so much my pretties!

Now, don’t think that just because these guys are listed last it means that they’re not special! Leonardo of Picture To People was tied with Turnip of Turnip of Power: Social Networking, Chilly Dog of On the Bricks, and Kathy of The Junk Drawer with 31 drops each. You guys are superstars!

Aren’t they an awesome bunch? It was a bit busy of a weekend so you guys get to be on the front page of the blog just a bit longer than usual as I won’t be posting tomorrow. An old friend is in town and I have to meet up with him and his gf for some drinks after dinner tomorrow night.

Thanks so much for loving my blog enough to come by so often and comment and make me feel loved.

I couldn’t do this without you3!

  1. Halloween pictures coming soon, not to worry[]
  2. albeit in very different categories[]
  3. though I’m certain I would try hehehe[]

responses to “Monday Madness: October Top Visitors” 17

  1. @trench: LOL I wouldn’t say it’s too much! Maybe ‘just right’! hehe

    @Linc: Awh don’t worry, you’ll always have a spot in my heart. Even if you don’t get a spot on these posts.

    @Michael: Thanks, fixed it but didn’t have time to comment till now.

    @turnip: Bah I really hated this Monday. It whopped my ass sideways and called me Nancy.

    @Ken: LOL Are you guys looking at a different screen than I am? Because you’re on top of impNerd in mine. hehehe

    @Haley: I’m looking forward to sharing the pics, they’ll mostly be people that I don’t know sorry!

    @AsceticMonks: hehe Yeah, I’m considering doing a thank you post to anyone who has ever commented at the end of the year so you’ll definitely make it on to that one.

    @Veronica: Thanks 🙂 You have a great blog so I’m sure it won’t be too long before you get more visitors!

    @Jack: Thanks, I usually put them all together and have any comments in the ‘title’ tag but decided to break it up a little bit and put some text between each line hehe. And thanks for stopping by so often!

    @Monica: Awh thanks 🙂 Glad I make your day dear! I’ve missed you!

    @Penny: Thank YOU! And me too!! hehe I can’t wait to share them!

    @B: Awh that’s so great to hear!!

    @Debbie: LOL Awh I love you two!

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