As I grow older and we,
Slowly become friends,
I realise what defines me,
As a girl, as a woman,
can be traced back to you.

Your warmth and care,
Your goofy jokes,
Your energy,
Your mind,
Always make me smile.

Its a treasure to know you,
More so to love you,
Even still to be loved by you,
I hope you always know,
My brother and I,
will always need you.

Happy Birthday Mummy.

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  1. @Lyndi: Thanks 🙂 I’m a bit rusty with the poetry but I like this one because it was quite spontaneous!

    @Penny: Thanks hun 🙂 she thought it was lovely too!

    @trench: She says Thanks! hehe

    @erin: Awh thanks! Happy Birthday to your Dad! I’d say he’s a wonderfully caring person!! hehe

    @Erica: Awh, we like her – as much as we make fun of her hehe. And thanks for the congrats too 🙂

    @beeker: Thanks! and I’m so glad to see you back and blogging!

    @Bitter Chocolate: Thanks hun. Heh, Most times she is 😉

  2. That is so lovely. Hope your mum has a great day, and you have some great crepes!

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

  3. Beautiful. This is sure to bring a tear to every mother’s eye. Well done. This was a nice way of starting off my weekend

    Lyndis latest..Creating your own WordPress plugin

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