Never again will it be a normal day

At least not for me.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a post to commemorate those lost in this tragedy in the past, but because it’s the 7th anniversary I feel compelled to do so. Probably because it’s something that’s happened ‘in my generation’, but I don’t think that the lives lost at this tragedy were any more or less valuable than lives lost at all tragedies that have ever happened in the world.

It may or mayย not have been the worst tragedy in the history of the world, but I still think that those who lost (and gave up) their lives on that day should always be remembered. So today at 9:46am EST, I will be saying a prayer for their souls. I hope that those who believe in that stuff can join me. If you don’t feel like it, that’s ok too.

I remember being upset at my bf1 for waking me up an hour before I had to get up for work that day. But he insisted that I turn the New on; hearing the panic in his voice I complied. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The entire day felt like everyone was walking on egg shells, all the while glued to the television trying to catch the latest footage of the planes.

Being in Toronto, a part of me was expecting someone to come out and say that it was all some Hollywood stunt but the moment never came. Then I remembered that I had been in L.A. just the night before… and considering extending my holiday by a day to catch a concert I wanted to attend. All it would have meant was that my flight would’ve been grounded when they halted all services but it still freaked me out.

I can’t say that I remember how I’ve spent this day in previous years2 but I know that every year this day comes around, I always feel a tug at my heart and then I remember how many people lost their lives3 for nothing.

Where were you whenย 9/11 happened?

  1. at the time []
  2. after 2001 []
  3. for lack of a better phrase []

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  1. @mspennylane: Thank you so much for sharing your memories. I agree with you: No one deserved what happened on that day…

    @Trench: That’s a really sweet thing to do ๐Ÿ™‚ and a good lesson to teach your kids. I’d say you’re a great teacher!

  2. I think it does make a difference that this is something that happened in our generatuon. I studied History for my degree and I always tend to think about what will make history that is going on in the current world. It goes without saying that they will be teaching about this even for years to come, but there is something different about remembering the day yourself. I am in the UK but of course heard so much about it. I was so shocked when my mum picked me up from school and told me about it. I find it very hard to think about still, and truthfully I tend to have to stop myself from thinking about it too much. But nobody deserved what happened to them that day and I am sure they will always be remembered.

    mspennylanes latest..When Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

  3. @Ken: Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ What a bitter sweet memory; what was the play about?

    @Erica: I agree with you about being in a public place; you see I was already at the bar working when the 2nd plane hit. I think I would’ve definitely started bawling if I was home alone.

    @Monique: You’ll have to forgive my terrible memory and ignorance for asking this: Was he part of the rescue efforts on that day?

    @Haley: I think I was the same with watching the news all day, but for the week until I just couldn’t take anymore. The more I watched the angrier I got, it just started to hurt.

    @AsceticMonk: Yes… that day, and everyday that I remember this tragedy always brings heartache to me.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their memories of this day.

  4. My friend’s dad was in Taiwan at the time, and he called his son to wake him up to watch the news, then he called me. My friend and I were supposed to go to L.A. that day, of course we canceled the trip. I pretty much glued myself the entire day to the TV, watching the horrific footage and crying together with the people who were on the street desperately looking for their loved ones. It brought so much heartache to me.

    AsceticMonks latest..WordCamp China 2008

  5. I was in San Francisco at the time. I remember waking up to the phone ringing, but letting the answering machine get it. After the second call, I got up. It was my MIL mumbling about planes flying into buildings and wondering if I was home safely. (I’d flown back from Chicago the night before.) So I turned on the TV to try to figure out what she was over-reacting about. After about 30 seconds, I decided to get my husband. “Wake up. Something big is happening.” We sat in front of the television, trying to piece together what was happening, and trying to figure out where all our friends were, as many of our friends travel a lot for work. My husband’s company canceled work that day, as their offices were in a high-profile building in San Francisco, so we watched television all day until we couldn’t stand it anymore.

  6. Today is one of my best friend’s birthday, so I always try to approach today as normally as possible. Of course, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t reflect.

    I started my day out at the doctor’s office for a blood test. Then Mom drove me to school (uni) – on the way we heard something on the radio about a plane and one of the towers. We laughed, figuring it was a tiny plane.
    After I came out of my economics lecture, I saw crowds of people gathered around the TVs in the building, staring mesmerized. That’s when I realized what truly happened. I think it’s better that I was in a public place – I don’t know how I would have reacted if I were at home.

  7. It’s a nice post, well done.

    I was having the very first rehearsal for my very first theatre play on September 11th 2001. It was supposed to be a joyous day for me but it obviously was very far from that.

    We actually rehearsed for a little while but then gave up and went home.

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