No catchy titles here, new year’s resolutions are tough to keep.

I’m a bit late on my update but I never said it was going to be a monthly thing either so 😛 And since my mind is a bit all over the place at the moment, I’m going to get right down to business.

The pounds
My first resolution for 2008 was to lose weight. I am happy to report that I haven’t gotten any further on my quest for some sort of exercise or diet routine since my last post. I blame it on the lack of routine in my work schedule (can you say ‘excuses’?). I did manage to take Chris’s advice and am drinking more water and I’m also trying my best to drink more milk. Lastly, I’m (honestly) happy to tell you all that while I have only shed (all of) 1lb since declaring my resolutions, I did manage to lose about 2″ all around which means it feels better to be in my old clothes and I no longer need to go shopping!

Being able to fit into my favourite clothes was the main reason I wanted to lose weight, and I’m glad that I can lose the inches without necessarily going too heavy on not so fun stuff like the dieting and the exercising. If you’ve ever met me, you’d tell me that I don’t need to lose weight. I know this because I hear it all the time, but honestly the belly over the top pants just does not look good – no matter how thin not fat you are! And all it takes is to wear clothes that fit right, you don’t have to be a size zero.

The dough
My second resolution was to save money, although in my first update I only wrote about my resolution to save money for my RSP by February 28. My complete resolution was to save money; Saving money for my RSP was only one part, one that had to be completed before February 28 or it wouldn’t count towards my 2007 tax returns. But I’m continuing my savings till the end of the year or until I become unemployed. I’m on a good track for reaching my goal for my RSP savings which is great because I also have my RSP GIC maturing next year and I can combine the two and earn even greater interest!

I have also succeeded in saving up the flight money for my upcoming trip to Dublin so that my flight is paid for in cash. I also have saved about 40% of the cash I’ll need to spend while I’m there. For those of you wondering, I’m slightly over the mistake I’ve made but I don’t think I’ll be fully over it until I can make it up to him. Thanks so much to everyone for all your support and reassurance that I wasn’t a dumbass. It was much appreciated!

There is a second part to this resolution and it has a little bit to do with a post I wrote recently about my application for a loan. First, I have to tell you that my application got declined. I’m very saddened by this because it means it’s going to take some discipline to pay off my debt, but I’m just going to have to bite the bullet. I have other options available to me like getting someone to co-sign the loan but I want to look after this problem, that I alone created, on my own.

Second, I wanted to talk a little bit about what I know about loans – at least here in Canada. Ate Maeyo, and Jillian were real sweethearts and were very concerned about what I may have been getting myself into so I talked it over with my Mum (the financially adept one in the family) and she explained a few things to me:

She said that most banks in Canada offer loans that are actually targeted to help people get out of debt, the only problem is they are hard to obtain. They don’t like to lend this money to people that they consider ‘risky’. To answer a few questions that Ate Maeyo brought up, the interest rate is about 8% lower than my credit cards and there is no penalty for paying off more than the monthly repayments or for repaying the loan earlier than the term of the loan. I kind of knew these things when I applied for the loan but I had looked at so many descriptions I couldn’t remember for sure so I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure.

I was actually hoping to do a more detailed post on the subject, but seeing as I didn’t get the loan I hope you understand why I don’t feel like it. I’m still assessing my options but for now I’m going to leave it alone and really try to command some self-discipline.

Wish me luck! How are you doing with your new year’s resolutions?

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  1. Got here from a search nice blog, i like the layout of your site any ideas where i can get simliar for a new blog im going to start?
    Thanks appreciated.

  2. Mr. Smelly lives in Collingwood. I don’t live or work too near there. I bet you’d be able to do his job in your neighbourhood though.

    Periapex’s last blog post..The Other Suspects.

  3. Nah, I don’t think it will affect your bra size… 😉

    Michael’s last blog post..EntreCard: The New Supply & Demand System

  4. Stine – seriously no resolutions? hehe did you ever have resolutions? It was my pleasure!

    Chris – thanks! And thanks so much for your advice on the water 🙂 I think it’s definitely helping!

    Canucklehead – I already have a line of credit… and it wasn’t working for me because everytime i made a payment and got some credit back I’d use it. lol re: Jays streaker… I figured!

    Jillian – thank you very much for the luck 🙂 I’m so horrible at keeping in touch with people. People always apologise to me about not calling when they call me, but I always have to respond with, “I’m the one who should be sorry”. lol I think friends we’ve made online count just as much as ‘real life’ friends! lol

    Peri – Is Mr. Smelly money in Toronto? lol I think I’ve misconstrued where you live… See that’s why you’re supposed to make your resolutions the morning after 😛

    Michael – hahaha luckily not yet… but as I lose more weight I’m sure I’ll be grabbing my more heavily padded bras again soon ;P Sorry… TMI!

    Monique – thanks and good luck to you too. Seriously though check out this Paul McKenna guy. He has some pretty neat techniques that don’t involve starving yourself or not eating the foods you want! It’s worth a shot anyway! HUG!!

  5. What is a resolution? lol

    This year, I promised myself that I would not make any resolutions because I get super pissed when I fail at them about 2 weeks after I make them.

    However, my goal for the year was to lose some weight which I have been failing at miserably. I’m not gaining weight, but I most definitely am not losing any either.

    And in closing, GOOD LUCK!



    Monique’s last blog post..I Am So Angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I can call that patient of mine up and see if he has any vacancies for jobs (he’s the one with the smelly money).

    I’m sure I must have made some new year’s resolutions, but for some odd reason. I don’t remember them. Actually there’s not a lot I do remember from that day.

    Periapex’s last blog post..Deconstruction of an Apicoectomy.

  7. I am officially wishing you luck.

    My resolutions were to make more friends, save more money, and try to keep in touch with family.

    Hahaha, if you count bloggers as friends, then I’ve made a few more! As far as real life goes, I still have my small circle of evildoers. I guess it’s just gonna be like that.

    The money saving is not going as fast as I want it to, but I guess you have to be patient and disciplined with these kinds of things…

    I still don’t call my family.. aside from the occasional email or phone call.

    Ahhh well.

    Jillian’s last blog post..A Few Things Plus Love Songs for the Downtrodden

  8. I agree with trench – look at the positives.
    As far as the loan, I don’t know whether it was a ‘line of credit’ you looked into – but if not, consider it. cheers!
    ps – the streaker at the Jay’s game was WAY drunk, not probably.

  9. The inches are far more important than the ibs. Good start Reggie! Just keep it up! It will come with time and effort!

    trench’s last blog post..Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (DVD)

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