Playing catch up: November’s Top Visitors

I know I’m a few days late but I am not a dollar short because my gratitude to these wonderful people remains as priceless as a place in my heart1:

My Top Visitor for the fifth month in a row is (drumroll)….

Trench at 7milesdown: Everything Entertainment!

Followed closely by Penny of Marmalade Skies who has won 2nd top visitor for the 2nd month in a row. You guys are amazing and I hope you never leave the blogsphere! The third spot goes to Michael at Michael’s So-Called Life: As they say in Ireland, ‘Thanks a million!’

Tied at fourth place are two of my favourite writers in the world: Haley of The Beacon and A Moment Caught in Flight: A photo blog and Ken of Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff! Following closely at their heels is the prettiest WordPress mogul I know: Lyndi of Nice2All: Let’s talk WordPress.

Comfortably providing some solid foundation to this pyramid we have some laughter via Linc of Where Common Sense Comes to Die, some wise & encouraging words from Debbie of Wisdom Hypnosis and some love only a sister2 could know how to give from Erica of Five Blondes: Five Times The Fun!

And because I’m short on time, I hope my top droppers won’t mind but I’m simply copying and pasting the table from my EC stats page this month (and possibly next month too):

Turnip of Turnip of Power | Social Networking 29
Chilly of On The Bricks 28
Kathy of The Junk Drawer 28
Paul of Technically Easy 28
trench of 7milesdown 28
Altered Gypsy of My gypsygoods 28
Louie of Orangeinks 27
Altered Gypsy of Alteredevents 27
John of EzGreatLife 27
Wanda of 1 Blog and 2 Sides 26

But that doesn’t make you any less than the superstars that you are3! Thanks for dropping by so often!

  1. which co-incendentally, is exactly what each of these wonderful people already have[]
  2. of five[]
  3. at least in my books[]

responses to “Playing catch up: November’s Top Visitors” 10

  1. Thanks for the nice mention and link. You keep on bringing the interesting stuff and I will keep on visiting.

    Lyndis latest..Blog Review: Nihar’s World

  2. @Erica: LOL you’re cute

    @Stan: hehe I suppose I could also check the most frequent IP addresses that visit but that’s too much work! I’ll link ya next time 😉

    @Michael: Anytime!

    @Haley: hehe thanks I love handing out the love!

    @trench: Nah, you’re just my best (blogger)friend!

    @Debbie: lol Maybe that’ll explain why he has such trouble leaving comments on my blog. You keep chasing him away before he can finish!

    @Linc: I was so happy when I was able to put your widget on! I can’t wait for next months either. Its going to be a huge big love fest (I’m doing the year’s top visitors).

  3. I finally made it – it goes to show you kids: never give up on your dreams. Oh, I promised myself I would not cry …

    Canuckleheads latest..Where the Wild Things Are …

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