Prescribed Reflection

moody photo of a lantern, journal with plants and a lamp in the background

I’ve been speaking to a naturopath, and I told her all about how I am so good at distracting myself from stress these days that I rarely ever actually know that I am stressed. I’m well aware that this doesn’t mean that I’m not stressed, I’ve just gotten really good at not feeling it consciously.

She said I should start writing down three things I am grateful for that day, and one thing that needs improvement. She likely made the suggestion with the idea that I’d be keeping those things in a private journal but I’ve been trying to come up with a reason to continue paying for this little space of the interwebs that I have.

So I’m writing this to mark the beginning of a new chapter, so to speak of this little “blog”.

Disclaimer: I have no formula for what is about to happen here. It’s likely that some will be short, and offer no explanation for the items that I list; it’s possible that some will be lengthy and offer too much explanation. Whatever happens, I’m excited.

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