Random Madness: September Top Visitors

Instead of bumping up September’s Top Visitors1 to fit into Monday Madness, I decided to skip Monday Madness all together2 and post it on the actual date that I wanted to post it on, today!

September has come and gone… and in the spirit of changing weather, I am changing my reward scheme a little bit. I’m doing this for a couple of reasons: 1) I don’t have enough credits to reward everyone the way I normally do. 2) The new credit transfer tax that EC has enforced will definitely leave me in the hole if I reward you that way. 3) Also, I will still be rewarding with credits, but I have had to cut this down to fit into the new 1,000 per week credit limit – instead of lowering the amount of credits rewarded to each person I’ve decided to only reward my top 3 visitors (determined by # of comments and drops for the month).

I will also be linking to each top commenter and dropper on my new Geek Me Up page3.

And as usual: thank’s everyone that drops by4!

  1. previously known as Top Commenters and Droppers[]
  2. because I was too busy with my checklist anyway[]
  3. all though only temporarily, it will be moved to the elsewhere page once I fix it up[]
  4. even if you don’t get on either of these lists, you still deserve thanks[]

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  1. @Haley: Dropping is a pain in my arm LOL I can’t wait to get a tablet (not sure if it would really help though but I know it’ll help when I’m doing design work).

    @Ken: Anytime doll! I’ll link to you any day. And YES, I’ll be booking a flight to Dublin this weekend – coming over for New Year’s! I can’t wait!

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