I tried so hard to get the wireless network set up at the apartment this weekend before Joy1 came into town so that we2 could all use the internet on both computers with ease but there were just more important things to do. Like collect her at the train station. I was late picking her up because I was trying to set it up! D’oh.

The weekend started off on Friday night with a fun dinner at one of my favourite restaurants with one of my favourite girls, Rebecca1, to celebrate her birthday. Sure we waited 35 minutes to be seated despite having a reservation but the food and service3 is always amazing so we didn’t complain too much. Though we probably should have.

I got up early on Saturday to drive out to Brampton to buy the wireless router for $254. I drove back down to the apartment to clean it up a bit for Joy’s arrival… I was nervous about meeting her again after being out of touch for so long but it was like the absence was absent itself. We headed out to lunch at Milestone’s at Yonge & Dundas to energize for some shopping that afternoon.

We shopped until we dropped then headed back to the apartment to get ready for the Fried Dough Loft party. The party was fun, but there wasn’t enough eye candy and Joy was pretty tired after only having 3 hours sleep the night before. We headed home and continued the party there. The next day was a struggle, to say the least, but we mustered up enough energy to go to see Star Trek5 after dinner at my parent’s house6.

I begrudgingly went to work on Monday and rushed home so we could go rock climbing and then have a romantic7 dinner at a nearby French restaurant. Oh how it was deelish. I drove her to the airport early the next morning and felt my heart breaking all over again.

It has now been less than a week since she left and I feel like I want to abandon everything and fly out west – but I won’t. If I haven’t done it for Dublin yet, I doubt if I would do it for Victoria8. But I do hope I get to see her again in August; I lost the connection once but I’ll be damned if I ever lose it again.

Have you re-connected with someone you used to be close with lately?

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent[][]
  2. myself, the room mate and Joy[]
  3. food service anyway, the manager is to blame for the wait[]
  4. retails for $85 – I would say it was worth the 40km or so out there[]
  5. so very good[]
  6. after some patio drinks in the afternoon!![]
  7. now, now boys don’t get any ideas… I’m being sarcastic[]
  8. probably because he might just dump my ass if I do[]

responses to “Re-connected” 9

  1. Funny you mention re-connection. My old classmates have finally decided on a reunion which we’ve been setting up on facebook the past few weeks. Class of 1991. I haven’t seen some of these people since our 8th grade promotional!!! Im so excited!!!

    trenchs latest..Pixar’s UP 3-D (Theaters)

  2. I am glad you’ve been blogging a little again 🙂 It sounds like you have a nice time, but not a nice feeling to say goodbye. Unfortunately I feel as though I am losing connection with some of my old friends. I invited them over for my birthday and three cancelled on me at the time they were already supposed to be there. Ruined it for me, I have just lost faith in them. Usually when I see them it’s great, and we reconnect again – but then again we’ve only been apart since finishing uni a year ago.

    Pennys latest..Blur

  3. @Kym: I’m so happy to hear that you’ve experienced this too – even though it’s sad that some people lose each other I think it makes it even better when they do find each other again and it’s like it never happened.

    @Rudy: lol no comment!!

    @Erica: 🙁 I’m sorry she stopped talking to you. You see in my situation, I’m horrible at keeping in touch (yeah, I know I’m online a lot but unless people respond to emails and texts, I’m pretty bad) and so is she so we just ended up losing each other. Maybe if you message her without bringing it up, she’ll surprise you (pleasantly of course). {{hugs}}

  4. Sort of.
    It’s complicated.
    Facebook-friended my ex-bff from high school.
    Thinking of sending her a message asking why the FFFK she randomly stopped talking to me one day in grade 11.
    I’m still bitter.

    Ericas latest..That perfect book.

  5. hmm well it wasn’t really lately but after high school my best friend and i went our separate ways – she moved to missouri while i moved to california. while she was away we didn’t get to keep in touch much because of busy schedules but when we both finally reunited back home, it was like the distance was never there 🙂 that’s the great part about friendship…you just pick up where you left off. hehe! glad you had a good time with your friend 🙂

    Kyms latest..My weekend in pictures

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