Resolutions: The 69th day check-in.

Ayprel recently posted an update on her personal goals for 2009 and I was quickly reminded of my own goals and how I haven’t really checked in with them to see if I’ve made any progress. And so, like the eager beaver that I am… I had to come right over here and write a post about it!

To recap, my goals were:

  • Diet:
    • Keep up the diet1.
    • Lose another 8lbs.

So far, I don’t think I’ve done too badly. I’ve managed to keep up with the diet, giving into a few indulgences of french fries or pancakes on the weekends here and there2. But, I have only lost another 4lbs. I think this could have something to do with the fact that I’ve started some exercise and am building muscle. At least, I hope it is and that my ‘few’ indulgences were not more frequent than I allowed myself to think they were.

  • Exercise:
    • Become more active3.
    • Continue to go rock-climbing in 2009 or find an alternative.

I have not been rock-climbing since I came back from my holidays, I thought I had found someone else to go with but she hadn’t responded to my wall message on facebook… and then I left facebook for lent so I’m going to have to try and find someone else. I haven’t become quite as active as I want but I feel like I’m halfway there with Yoga twice a week. I hope to move this into a set 3 times a week and then pick up something else4 to do at least once a week. This will give me an activity to do four times a week, which I feel would be sufficient to say that I lead an ‘active lifestyle’.

  • Money:
    • Pay off at least 40% of my debt by the end of the year.

Can we talk about this one later?

  • Friends:
    • Keep in better touch with people

I don’t know why this one is so hard for me; I have gotten better with email but I have yet to start calling people on a regular basis. Baby steps right?

  • Blogging:
    • Manage my blogging time better so that I can stop blogging at work!

I actually have gotten better with this. This past Thursday was the first time that I had spent blogging at work since I made this resolution. That means I was blog free at work for approximately 64 days.

And there you have it; now I know what I need to do to get back on track. Its strange how this year feels like it has dragged on, yet we’re already on the 69th day of the year.

How are your resolutions doing?

  1. that I started at the beginning of December []
  2. all this before lent of course []
  3. by either joining a badminton or volleyball club, going for more walks, or even just help my Mum clean around the house []
  4. like the previously mentioned badminton or volleyball []

responses to “Resolutions: The 69th day check-in.” 11

  1. hey Reggy,

    I think public accountability (through blogging) is an AWESOME way to follow through on your goals and resolutions!

    Keep it up!


    Will @

    Wills latest..Fred’s Not Here $25 Steak Dinner – Toronto

  2. That’s what I’m talking about! Keep it up! Losing 4 lbs is not bad at all. Yeah, I’m having a tough time with the weight too. I’ve hit a plateau of sorts… like you, I think the exercise is adding muscle mass.

    Ayprels latest..Hard Day

  3. @Drolgerg: Oh really? Pray tell, what were your resolutions this year? Other than ‘eat more bananas’ of course ;P

    @B: Are you back? I’m so glad to see you! I hope you get back on track with them!

    @AmeriGlide: I couldn’t agree with you more about time flying by. But how is it that as we get older and time flies by that time drags on at the same time when you’re waiting for something to happen (like me waiting for the bf to be able to move here)?

    Hope you get to walk your dog more 🙂 sounds like a good goal to have. Thanks for the encouragement. I was feeling a bit under-accomplished 😀

    @Eri: lol You’ve got enough goals to worry about this year with your wedding, so I forgive you ;P

    @Penny: Its been harder since Lent started, I’ve been having cravings for fast food as soon as I said I would give it up! Even though before Lent, I honestly did *not* crave fast food… ever!

  4. It’s a good idea to check yourself. You seem to be doing great! The yoga sounds like a really good one, and the diet! I would never be able to be so disciplined with food!

    Pennys latest..Moving Forward

  5. Wow, time really does fly. It seems like New Years was just a few weeks ago.

    Its funny how when younger, summer vacation seems like an eternity, but then you grow up and three months can just fly by. Well thats how it feels for me anyway.

    Overall, I would think that you are probably ahead of the game on your resolutions.

    I have actually stopped walking my dog as much, in part because of the cold, and need to get remotivated, as this was something I wanted to do more often this year.

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