She makes me miss Ireland when she talks

Sounds like a good title to a song or a poem actually. Almost every Tuesday, I end up watching American Idol because my Mum watches it and we’re usually eating dinner when 8:00 p.m. rolls around. Today, I discovered that Carly Smithson, a contestant on American Idol is Irish. And she’s been getting amazing feedback from everyone including the ever-hard-to-impress Simon Cowell. I hadn’t been paying attention in previous weeks because I usually wash the dishes, but because I cooked tonight my Mum washed the dishes. It was the first time I had heard her speak! And I really miss Ireland because of it! I feel like revisiting The Beatles this week was too much of a good thing. But I loved that Carly sang Blackbird.

And Paula needs to shut up! She goes on for way too long and there is no substance to what she says! Every single one of her ‘comments’ could be said in 5 words or less. *sigh* It’s so sad because I still love her as an artist. Anyway, so I actually really hate the show because everyone (Randy, Simon, Paula & Ryan) on it is so annoying but I feel like I might just keep watching the singers perform because they’re all quite good. If I had to pick a second favourite, I would probably pick Brooke White because she has family in Halifax, NS. And she’s so the type of singer that I love. Of course, I have a favourite male singer too: Jason Castro! Because he sung my all time favourite song: Hallelujah by the late xJeff Buckleyx so well.

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  1. Mike – Rufus Wainwright eh? I sure will check it out!

    Peri – I totally understand and I will probably remember that as I continue to watch this season but I haven’t watched since Kelly Clarkson won so here’s hoping!!

    Jillian – I can see what you mean about Simon – but I dunno… he doesn’t do it for me! LOL

    Staci – Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE your bracelets! I agree that Simon is usually right about him but I just feel like he’s brutal than he needs to be!

    Shabem – Do you mean David A? Or David Cook? hehe I like them both! It’s so hard to choose! I agree that the judges need to stop bickering – they sound like children! Thanks to you too for stopping by 🙂

    Monique – I think maybe they just can’t find someone else? Or they’re tied into a contract with her. You see the problem with Paula is that she actually is smart but when she talks she doesn’t sound smart! I’ve seen a biography on her, and she knows the business… but she just can’t speak!

    Michael – Always!

    Beeker – Randy totally needs to let go yo! I mean come on dawg! And now he’s making up words all over the place trying to sound cool. It’s so NOT cool! I agree that it’s definitely an improvement!

    Yevka – *sigh* I miss you!! Sorry I’m so late on our blog!! I can’t wrap my head around the post kasi!! Hopefully this Friday kasi off ulit ako. David A is so cute too… he’s got this great baby face but a great voice – how can you not love him?! But that’s why I’m rooting for others because I know that David A has enough people rooting for him… hehehe Shucks you don’t like Carly? Is it her tattoos? They’ve put me off a little, but I love her voice – because I can do her voice! hehe

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