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Not too long ago I was invited by a friend to see a Cabaret. I already had plans that night but the cabaret just sounded too good to pass up and boy am I glad I made that decision. The Cabaret was called “There’s Just Something About Ashley” and it starred two adorable best friends, Ashley & Ashley. Ashley is adorable, talented, inspirational and just amazing and thanks to her I will be documenting my journey to getting a summer ready bod. For you twitterites, the hashtag is #52dts.

Ashley has done a great job of documenting her activities and I really wish I had too but I’m going to have to do it from memory right now and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get something wrong… that or it’ll take me over an hour to write this blog post. We. Shall. See.

Week 1 – May 2-8

I’m not going to pretend to remember exactly what I did this week. I’m pretty sure the weekdays only saw me doing my crunches and push ups before bed. I did go for a run on Friday night, and I played about 15 minutes worth of dodgeball time1.

Week 2 – May 9 -16

Mon May 9 – Sit and push ups; 40 minute yoga at home  ((before bed))
Tue May 10 – Sit and push ups2
Wed May 11 – sleeeeeeeep
Thu May 12 – 75 min Agency Yoga class
Fri May 13 – Dance! Dance! Dance!
Sat May 14 –  2k run3, sit and push ups and wedding dancing 🙂
Sun May 15 – 2k run, sit ups… I forgot to do my pushups.

My main goal is to become more toned. I don’t need to lose weight; I’m well aware of that but I want to feel stronger physically. I’m glad I’ve at least a point where I actually crave the feeling I get from going running. It’s even getting easier to breathe while I’m running and get just that much farther before taking a break.

Do you have a plan for getting ‘summer ready’?

  1. I managed to get there late and then sucked[]
  2. before bed[]
  3. heh, this is actually an improvement[]

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