I have until Friday to decide if I really want to go to Ireland this December. I went to the nearby Travelcuts agency today and found the cheapest flight I could. It’s affordable – sort of. It’s affordable but leaves me with no spending money (So the wishlist from my previous post still stands). But now that it’s a little more set that I can go. I’m having second thoughts. I mean sure, I have other friends there. But the real reason I’m going? Is for someone who isn’t even my boyfriend! Sure, I know I still mean a lot to him. But do I mean enough?

Thanks to your advice earlier this summer, I read this book. And from reading that book, I should know that making excuses such as, “Well, he’s just not the sappy type”, or “He just doesn’t want to get hurt” is pretty full of shit. But I also can’t help that I just really want to see him. *sigh*

In other news? Played an awesome Volleyball game today and we even beat the Undefeated team!! Felt good. We’re currently third! I love it! We’re only a novice team but it’s still great winning 😀

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  1. Here precious lady… steal mine, I’m not “using’ it right now .-)

  2. Greggy, has it really been 7 years?! Wow!! It’s been a while since I came up with some new poetry too… *sigh*

  3. It’s just that my fathers birthday was Nov 4th (I really really knew yours was the 7th – Certainly everyone will remember now! (You Know Reggy our 7th anniversary is coming up in the spring – or did you forget? .-)Oh how I’ve watched you grow into such a beautiful woman through the years…

  4. As soon as I pushed 4 something sain “no dummy- 7777!” Then I thought “Well maybe she wont notice” .-)

  5. Awh Jen! You didn’t miss it yet! AND! If you’re up for it, come to the Guvernment on Nov. 5th for a celebration!

    Chris, I’ve yet to master beach volleyball. I still get disoriented by the lack of a ceiling! haha

  6. hey Reg. the heart wants what it wants .. but just remember … DON’T SETTLE FOR SHIEEEET. that is all. =) *I’m so ashamed of myself .. I didn’t wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY .. and now I’m WAY late =( I suck.

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