The not so big 25

It felt like every other day. I woke up early to get to the Doctor’s, where he told me that I have a viral infection and should stay home and get plenty of rest to allow my body to develop enough antibodies to fight the virus. After the doctor’s I went home and made some yummy breakfast consisting of a mini grilled cheese sandwich, rashers (back bacon) and an egg done sunny side up. I followed up the yummy breakfast with some quality time with Lisa at Starbucks for some Toffee Nut Lattes, and some shopping.

Then I got back home and started to get ready for my dinner date with the boy. Dinner was absolutely delicious, though I was disappointed that I looked over dressed standing beside him. Though in the restaurant, he was the one that looked under dressed. But I suppose I can’t blame him, his Mum recently ruined his black jeans. I know, “Doesn’t he own dress pants?” Yeah, he does… but he has to wear dress pants everyday at work. Anyway… the day ended and I was left feeling like something was missing from the celebrations for my so called ‘big day’. And I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I put too much importance on birthdays.