Light my fire

Pillar Candle from Black & Light co. Upon Clement’s suggestion, I decided to light the candle and how gorgeous it is. It’s even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

It was just another dinner with the family. (I love that I can say that now, since we never used to have dinner together) But it was my first day off in a while, and I was tired. I had decided to wait until I could share it with someone special to light it for the first time. And I’m glad I waited until I could share it with my family.

They love the candle, and now after dinner when my parents are watching TV they light the candle along with our lamps (that don’t give off that much light. Since we don’t have proper lighting in the TV room and they don’t like to leave the chandelier on in the dining room.

Thanks again Holly Eve!

Feeding my love of light

Whether it be from sunshine, candle light, artificial light or the glow from my mobile phone when I get a text message from him. I love the warm glow that can come from certain light sources. Well, even though I haven’t lit this candle yet, I absolutely love it. From the packaging to the item itself, I have never been more excited over a single candle!


You see, these are no ordinary candles, they don’t just have a little flicker at the top like any ol’ candle. Oh no… the entire candle glows! How fabulous is that? I think it’s brilliant!

If you like these candles, please visit Black & Light Co. and help them out!