Cancer Can’t Dance Like This

I had heard about Daniel Stolfi from my good friends over at Riverlife Productions last year but I had not been able to catch his show until this week. Dan is extremely charming, engaging and very easy to watch & listen to. Sadly, some of what he covered in his show were not new to me; my Grandfather died of Prostate Cancer and I have met and continue to meet people who have been affected by this horrible disease every year that I volunteer at the Terry Fox Run1; What was refreshing was his candor.

In the past, when I have spoken to people about their experience with Cancer, they prefer to talk about how the experience changed them. They don’t want to talk about their hardship in detail. But I think that sometimes talking about the negative experiences can help others learn before they have to go through it themselves. And as Dan ran through the parts of himself that he loved and lost2, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would be able to be as strong. But Dan is, strong enough to turn his hardest moments into something entertaining for people to watch yet still deals with some very hard moments. Even as I read the synopsis on his website for the first time last year, despite all my3 experience, I was taken aback at the thought of having to deal with the loss of five4 of my most treasured activities. I’m sure once you see the show, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars too that he made it through to show us all a thing or two about courage.

Hilarious but poignant, I couldn’t help but fall a little bit for this talented Canadian-born, Italian Actor & Comedian who is making sure cancer knows he has not only won the fight, but he’ll continue to win it. I am so glad I was able to catch a performance of ‘Cancer Can’t Dance Like This‘, and if you haven’t already you should go to eventbrite now to buy your tickets! The show has been running and is playing at the Pia Bouman Theatre (6 Noble St) tonight at 8:30pm, Saturday5 at 2:30 pm & at 8:30 pm!

  1. since 2002 []
  2. and still continue to fight to get back []
  3. so-called []
  4. FIVE []
  5. that’s tomorrow []