Happy Birthday dear brother!

Dear brother,

I used to hate you. I hated you until I realised how immature and selfish I was being for doing so. You see, I wasn’t always as mature as I am now1 and I was also spoiled for 7 years being the only child and the first grandchild and the only granddaughter for a while. So when you took my Mummy away from me that Christmas Eve that you were born and put her in the hospital to give birth to you, you can’t really blame me for being jealous of you.

Another reason you can’t blame is because you were so darn cute. I look back now on your baby pictures and I must have known how adorable you were; so much more adorable than I was: with your angel white skin and your dark brown hair and eyes – I must’ve been really worried that Mummy and Daddy weren’t going to love me or want me anymore.

So I fought with you, beat you and made you cry, every chance I got. And now we’re both in our 20’s2, and you’ve never once been mean to me. Sure you get cranky sometimes, but who wouldn’t be when they’re awoken from deep slumber to go out shopping for Mum & Dad’s Christmas presents in the cold, cold winter weather that is Toronto. But you’ve always been a great brother, and even though you’ve learnt a few other bad habits from me… you’ve never been mean to me the way I was mean to you. And for that I thank you.

Without asking you to, you forgave me and for that alone you are the best brother a girl could ever ask for. But there is so much more that makes you awesome3.

I hope we are able to give you a great birthday celebration, even though we’re only driving down to Niagara Falls4. I hope that you get everything that your heart desires and that we are able to celebrate many, many more of your birthdays.

Lots of love,

Your sister.

  1. forgetting the fact that I still have a long way to grow []
  2. albeit, I’m in my late 20’s and you’re celebrating your 21st []
  3. but I’m not going to go on about them either hehehe []
  4. which isn’t quite Las Vegas – where you wanted to go []

4 days to go and a Christmas contest

This is *Christmas*. The season of perpetual hope. And I don’t care if I have to get out on your runway and hitchhike. If it costs me everything I own, if I have to sell my soul to the devil himself, I am going to get home to my son.

I LOVE this time of year. I love all the lights and smiles on people’s faces. I don’t know exactly what it is but there’s a certain warmth in the air. With four days to go, I have a few things left to check off on my Christmas to do list but the most important ones on that list are people I have to see. This weekend, I spent some quality time with two of my favourite girls. There would have been four of us but May1 is still in Thunder Bay until Monday so I won’t see her this Christmas. I left her a little present with Cathy2 so hopefully she’ll be able to give it to her.

Earlier last week I met one of my oldest friends Bear3 as it was his birthday on the 17th. I skimped out a bit and got him one present for both Christmas and his birthday but I knew he wouldn’t mind since we were going to spend some time together anyway.

I have yet to meet up with an old friend of mine from University this year, who gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Actually, she hasn’t really returned any of my facebook messages or phone calls since she’s given birth so I might just have to show up on her doorstep one weekend in January… here’s hoping she’ll be home! HEH If you’re reading, Andrea4, I completely understand how busy it can be with a new little one so I’ll still be here for you whenever you can find your way back to me.

Happy Christmas!

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent []
  2. name has been changed to protect the innocent []
  3. name has been slightly changed to protect the innocent []
  4. name has been changed to protect the innocent []

Christmas is a time for giving

Recently, my friend, April1 wrote a post questioning whether she had lost her Christmas spirit. I answered that the Christmas spirit2 isn’t about the gifts and the decor but its about the time you spend with each other and the goodwill you share with everybody3.

I know that sounds hypocritical of me to say, considering I’m all about my decorations and gifts, but I only do what I do because I’m able to. If I wasn’t able to do all these things, I would still have a Happy Christmas as long as I can warm myself up in the love of the wonderful people that are around me all year-round.

We hear it all the time, but we never actually test out the theory, that time is the best gift we can give anybody. If instead of decorating your home, and cooking special meals and going shopping for Christmas presents, we all just went to visit each other and spent quality time with each other instead just think how much happier we would all be.

So this Christmas, think about someone you haven’t gone to see in a while and give them a call. Even if you just spend 20 minutes of your day on the phone catching up it could be the best gift you could give them this year.

Will you make time for people this year?

  1. who has rejoined the blogging world after a 1 year hiatus []
  2. despite what the commercial world has been trying to brian-wash us into thinking []
  3. friends, acquaintances, strangers and enemies alike []