I <3 The Canadian Red Cross

Whoops. Apparently I need lessons in how to make hand-hearts…

Learn CPR and save a life. Is there really more to say? I’m a little ashamed to admit that I have been wanting to take a course on how to administer CPR since I can remember but I never bothered to. I always had an excuse… for shame.

But now, thanks to the Canadian Red Cross (CRC), I am certified for 3 years! I can only perform CPR on adults but maybe I’ll just stay away from infants and children until I can get the full certification1.

Last week I was able to attend a 4 hour CPR class, compliments of the CRC, where I got to learn about the importance of being able to act quickly and accurately in emergent situations. Brain damage can occur in something like 4 minutes when its deprived of oxygen and ambulances average about 8 minutes to get to its destination. Sadface.

I’ve can remain pretty calm when most people would panic and it makes me feel even better that I now have the accurate information I need to know that can help save someone’s life. Of course none of it would matter if there wasn’t real help coming.

It was one of the things they stressed during the class and I think that it’s something that can easily get overlooked: it doesn’t matter if you know what you’re doing because chances are you don’t have the right tools to do what you need to do2: For heaven’s sake, don’t forget to call for help; call 9-1-1/EMS in emergency situations.

Are you certified in CPR? Are you going to get it? Soon? 🙂 Call The Red Cross!

  1. that shouldn’t be a problem, I’m not around them much anyways – kids at heart still count as adults, right? []
  2. and let’s face it, we can’t all be McGuyver []